You can now make lemon tart pies in your pie maker

And you only need 3 ingredients!
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Who doesn’t love a lemon tart? Thick, creamy, lemony filling with a crispy pastry base – it just doesn’t get better!

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Well, now one clever home cook has revealed her super simple recipe for making lemon tart PIES – all in her $29 Kmart Pie Maker!

Sharing her delicious pies to the awesome Kmart Pie Maker Recipes, Tips and Ideas Australia page, member Willow posted how she whipped up the amazing treat. 

Willow writes: “Lemon Tart Pies! I’m deeply sorry for those of you who are trying to lose weight or not gain any by being a member of this page, BUT I just had to share my AMAZING lemon Tart pies! So very quick and easy!”

lemon tart pies
Who wouldn’t love a lemon tart pie? (Credit: Kmart Pie Maker Recipes, Tips and Ideas Australia/Facebook)

And Willow isn’t kidding – they are super simple to make, with just three ingredients!

Sharing her recipe for four pies, she writes: “1 can of Condensed Milk, Juice of 2 lemons – combine ingredients together. Stir till combined and chill.”

“There’s your filling guys! It’s that easy and super delicious! I used puff pastry sheets but next time I’m going to try short crust. ENJOY!”

They look amazing! (Credit: Kmart Pie Maker Recipes, Tips and Ideas Australia/Facebook)

Oh we will! It seems the acid in the lemons thickens the condensed milk, making it the perfect filling! The pies got the big thumbs up from the Facebook group’s other Pie Maker fans, who loved the recipe.

Writes one: “These look yum!!! And so simple!” Said another: “Thanks for sharing, stuff the diet lol I will be making them anyway!”

Said a third: “Oh my, these look amazing!”

Said one more: “No more. I won’t be able to fit through the front door!”

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