KitKat and Milkybar to release new collaboration flavour

White chocolate meets crispy wafer fingers.
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Chocolate can be considered one of life’s great joys. A true soul food, if you will. And the team at Nestlé have made it just that little bit more exciting with the upcoming release of the KitKat Milkybar.

That’s right! Iconic chocolate brands KitKat and Milkybar have collaborated to launch an all-new white chocolate wafer flavour. Combining the creamy Milkybar smoothness with the classic KitKat crunch and snap, Aussies will have access to the white chocolate goodness from April in 7-Eleven stores nationally.

WATCH: Nestlé unveils vegan KitKat. Article continues after video.

You’ll be getting the best of both worlds with this new release, which is the combination of the KitKat wafer finger and Milkybar chocolate flavour. Plus, you’ll have the choice to enjoy it in three formats; bar, block and sharepack.

KitKat Milkybar (Credit: Supplied)

The KitKat MilkyBar bar ($2) will first launch in 7-Eleven in April.

The KitKat Milkybar block ($5.50) will be available from other retailers from Wednesday May 3, while the KitKat Milkybar sharepack ($5) will be available from Coles stores nationwide on the same day.

Nestlé’s Marketing Manager of Confectionery, Shannon Wright, shared their excitement regarding the collaboration, “We know that both KitKat and Milkybar have loyal fans who love each of them for their unique choc taste – we can’t wait to see what they think of this iconic collaboration of the two!”

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