DIY wreaths using supermarket lamingtons – the Christmas baking hack of the year!

And they only take minutes to make!

It’s the new Christmas baking hack of 2020 – and it only takes minutes to put together. 

Mums all over Australia Christmas wreaths using lamington fingers – purchased from Coles, Woolies and Aldi for just a few dollars – and we could love them more. 

Sharing their creations on a range of Facebook groups, the savvy home bakers have shown how you can create a showstopper festive dessert – perfect for a school class party or a Christmas party at home – using the taste supermarket item.

Made simply by assembling the fingers in a circle shape and then decorating with dollops of whipped cream – or even placing the whipped cream between the lamingtons – you can then decorate the wreath with raspberries and sprigs of mint to create the appearance of holly. Love it!The lamingtons are already cut up into convenient bite-sized pieces, so all your guests have to do is take a finger and enjoy! Love it!
(Image: Woolies/Coles Mudcake Hacks/Facebook)
Main image: Mums Who Bake/Facebook

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