Genius dad creates easy way to feed kids for under $4

What if Lite n Easy but for kids?
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Feeding picky children can already be a nightmare, but lately it’s gotten worse.

Shortage of popular foods due to floods and price hikes have made feeding kids on a budget more difficult than ever.

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Well, there might be a solution.

Jeremy Crooks was facing exactly this scenario, so he decided to do something about it.

“It’s harder than ever to serve healthy food at home, from fresh food shortages, massive price hikes and time pressures. As a dad of two daughters, I personally experienced the differing eating preferences and the challenges parents face to make mealtimes healthy and stress free,” Jeremy told New Idea.

“I just knew there was a way to help families and support young children thrive. The juggle is real when it comes to parenting, life is busy, I want to make the grind a little easier.” 

Go! Kids
Go! Kidz has all the meals kids love from nuggets to lasagne (Credit: Supplied)

Noticing the influx in food delivery services, Jeremy saw there was a gap in the market for a kids’ version. What if Lite n Easy but for children?

He created Go! Kidz as a way for parents to prepare quick and healthy meals for their kids, and keep it budget friendly.

“Incorporating such a diverse range of meals is hard for busy parents, we wanted to create something for every child and enable them the power to choose their own healthy dinners,” Jeremy said.

Go Kids
“We wanted to create something for every child” (Credit: Supplied)

Go! Kidz has all the meals kids love, from nuggets to lasagne, curries, burgers and pizza. There’s even a dessert rage. Meals start at just $3.95 and they’re created by a nutritionist, meaning each meal has all the good stuff kids need.

“Each meal is chef designed and has our paediatric dietician overseeing the ingredients and process to ensure they taste good, but are also strong on their nutritional value,” Jeremy explained.

“We pack in one to three serves of veggies per meal and focus on quality ingredients. The meals have an average a four health-star rating.”

Go! Kids received a lot of praise online.
Go! Kids received a lot of praise online. (Credit: Supplied)

Go! Kidz has gained plenty of praise online from busy parents who appreciate how easy Jeremy has made dinner time. One parent even admitted to eating the meals themselves.

“Families and children just love it. They love the range, the taste and the speed in which they can have dinner on the table and know it will be enjoyed,” Jeremy said.

We’re all just glad to finally have an answer to the question “what’s for dinner?”

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