HACK: How to chill wine faster with salt!

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Getting home from a long day can sometimes only be fixed with a glass of wine. But there’s a problem, the only bottles you have aren’t cold!

Well, we’re back with a New Idea Hack that will make your life so much easier when you’re in dire need of a chilled sauvignon blanc.

WATCH: New Idea Hacks are back with a nifty and quick way to chill your wine faster using only salt!

“Put the wine in the ice bucket,” instructs Christina. 

“Put salt in with the ice,” she continues. 

So simple! (Credit: New Idea Hacks)

“I’m no scientist, but what I hear is that the salt helps the ice stick to the bottle, which makes it cool faster… and who doesn’t want their drinks quicker?!”

Let us toast to this amazing hack! (Credit: New Idea Hacks)

Consider us seriously impressed, and in need of a drink.

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