‘Never using anything else again!’ The unlikely $4 Coles product that mums are using instead of dishwashing tablets

‘So much cheaper too!’

It’s the unlikely Coles cleaning product that’s gaining a cult following in Australia. 

But while many of you may not have heard of Lectric Washing Soda, the all-purpose cleaning powder is now being touted as an unbelievable alternative to dishwashing tablets. 

Sharing on the awesome Mums Who Clean Facebook page, member Faye revealed how the soda – available from Coles and Woolworths for around $4 – is better than any dishwashing tablet she’s ever used, leaving her dishes cleaner than ever.Says Faye: ‘OMG I’m never using anything else in my dishwasher or washing machine. I’m addicted to Lectric Washing Soda, dishes/glasses come out sparkling, whites are whiter ..’Revealing that she simply placed a teaspoon of the Letric Washing Soda into the compartment where you’d usually place a dishwashing tablet with ‘nothing else’, Faye was using about the results. ‘It’s my one ‘go to’, it’s fantastic!! 😊’
Fayealsogushedaboutthesoda’s other uses, revealing how she adds a teaspoon to her washing powder when doing her laundry for awesome results. She adds that the surface spray ‘recipe’ on the back of the packet is ‘AMAZING’ also.Adds Faye: ‘I just tried using it on a small patch of my oven door also…AMAZING job it’s just lifted any grime straight off!!!‘I bought it from Coles…$4.It’s got so many uses for such a cheap price.’The group’s other members were excited about the new dishwashing hack – while others praised the benefits of the cleaning soda.‘I learn something every day, can’t believe this dishwasher tip!’ gushed one. Added another: ‘I have been putting a small tablespoon in my dishwasher and my dishes are much cleaner 🙂’Saidonemore:‘Just added to this weeks shopping!’Think we all have! For more amazing ideas, make sure you’re following Mums Who Clean!

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