The best cheese knife sets that will take your homemade charcuterie board to the next level

Don't skip out on the finishing touch.
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It’s a Saturday morning, you check your calendar and realise that a month ago you’ve agreed to hosting a lunch at your humble abode…

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That’s the blessing (and curse) of being organised with your social diary. Organising something so far in advance gives you ample time to prepare, but also plenty of time to, well…forget. 

To ensure it’s not obvious that this get-together (that you’ve organised may we add) has completely slipped your mind, having the right serving boards, dining sets and table cloths on hand will do wonders.

If there’s one thing to master when hosting a get-together – in addition to having envious serveware and table setting pieces, is mastering the art of creating a homemade charcuterie board

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What are the key ingredients of a homemade cheeseboard?

Not to state the obvious, but you’ll need cheese. From creamy and soft brie, nutty havarti, sharp port wine cheddar to the controversial blue. Our tip? Choose a selection of cheese densities (soft, semi-soft, semi-hard, and hard cheese). One of each will do the trick.

Apart from cheese, you’ll need crackers, fruit pastes, condiments, nuts, and both fresh and dried fruits to bring it all together. 

The final-final touch? Functional and stylish cheese knives. Put those butter knives away, please. 

Cheese knives are made to elevate the grazing experience by making slicing, dicing and spreading your favourites almost as easy as eating it. Finding the best cheese knives for the task? That’s a different story.

Lucky for you, we’ve done the research and rounded up below the best cheese knives and sets that deserve a spot on the charcuterie board.

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The best cheese knife sets for platters, cheeseboards and charcuterie in Australia


Laguiole by Louis Thiers Belle cheese knife set in rose gold, $95 (usually $110) at Hardtofind

Made with heavy gauge stainless steel in a rose gold hue, this cheese knife set by Laguiole is made to cut through even the hardest of cheeses. 



Vue 3-piece cheese knife set in gold, $19.97 (usually $39.95) at Myer

In a luxurious golden hue, this three-piece cheese knife set will elevate any cheeseboard, platter or charcuterie in an instant. 



Amalfi Bastil cheese knife set, $32.97 (usually $54.95) at Zanui

This set by Amalfi adds an elegant touch to any cheeseboard. With a gorgeous gold finish, pink and coral dipped handles and sleek profile, these knives are the perfect finishing touch to your homemade cheeseboard without being overbearing.



Nolan 2-piece cheese knife set, $29.95 at Country Road

If you’re after a cheese knife set that’s worth showing off, then you’ll want to add this set by Country Road to your basket asap. Made with high grade 18/10 stainless steel and available in graphite, brushed steel or soft gold to suit any home decor aesthetic.



Vue Ferraro cheese knife set in pink resin, $20 (usually $49.95) at Myer

For an unexpected pop of colour, this pink resin cheese knife set by Vue is made for the entertainer.



David & Waddell Opaline cheese knife set, $32.97 (usually $54.95) at Zanui

Modern glam is the hallmark of this cheese knife set by David & Waddell. Marble handles paired with sleek golden tones, it’s designed for those who love the finer things in life. 



Soffrito 3-piece antibacterial cheese knife set in gold, $29.99 (usually $59.99) at House

This set will cut a variety of cheeses with ease. From soft and creamy brie to sharp cheddar, there’s not a cheese that these Soffrito blades set can’t cut through.



Normann Copenhagen Pebble cheese plane, $45.95 at Aura Home

Designed for those who have a keen eye for elegant food presentation, this cheese plane is perfect for your favourite hard cheeses. And, if you’re a true cheese enthusiast, you can complete the set with their matching cheese knife, slicer and serving board.



David & Waddell Adriatic cheese knife set, $32.97 (usually $54.95) at Zanui

Leave your guests stunned with this jade-like cheese knife set. Made from durable resin and stainless steel blades, you’ll be cutting and spreading your favourite cheeses with delight. 


Lead photo: Bauer Photographic / @aremediasyndication

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