Aldi, Woolworths or Coles – Top Aussie baking expert rates the BEST supermarket mud cake

... and you won’t believe who WON!

To the naked eye, it would be easily to think that not much separates one supermarket mud cake from the other.With an almost identical appearance and wrapping, there’s little to differentiate Aldi, Coles and Woolworths’ mud cakes – or is there?

In the hugely popular pod cast Trolley Watch, New Idea Food’s Food Director Barbara Northwood sat down to a blind taste test between the supermarkets’ mud cakes. 

With decades of experience as one of Australia’s leading and most successful food editors, Barb knows her stuff – helping Aussie mums cook, create and bake for years. 

As part of the blind taste test, Barb tried the Aldi Chocolate Mud Cake ($4), Woolworths Chocolate Mud Cake ($4.80) and Coles Chocolate Mud Cake ($4.80) – as well as the Sara-Lee Frozen Chocolate cake ($6.25) and the Green’s 530g packet Chocolate Mud Cake mix ($4.00, 2 eggs and 80g butter needed).

New Idea Food Food Director Barbara Northwood tells us her pick of the supermarket mud cakes!
And without knowing which cake was which, Barb tasted each of the cakes live on the podcast … with surprising results.After careful tasting, Barb chose a ‘clear favourite’ – the Aldi mud cake.‘It was just a little bit lighter, a little fluffier – I really enjoyed it,’ says Barb.In second place, Barb rated the Green’s Mud Cake – made in the New Idea Food Test Kitchen – saying she ‘really loved that one’. In third place came the Coles Mud Cake, then the Sara-Lee …. followed, in last place, by the Woolworths Mud Cake.Trolley Watch is the all-new podcast from New Idea Food where we talk through all things supermarket and cooking – as well as lots of tips and tricks to save you time and money in the kitchen!To hear all of Barb’s thoughts on the mud cakes – as well as LOTS more – head here!

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