Aldi’s new Christmas product is a must have for entertaining

Cute, yummy and affordable!
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It’s the most important part of your Christmas festivities: no not the presents, not spending time with loved ones… it’s the food

But with the importance of being the hostess-of-the-mostess comes the pressure and stress. 

You want everyone raving about the spread you’ve put on, or the dish you’ve taken along to Nan’s house, but you don’t actually have any time to make anything extraordinary and the budget has been blown on one-too-many presents for the kids. 

WATCH: Aldi vs Coles Christmas puddings (Article continues after video) 

Now this is where Aldi comes in. The global supermarket chain have established a a good reputation for bringing out Christmas-themed food products that make entertaining a breeze and they’ve done it again – with Turkey Breast Christmas Tree Nuggets

Imagine the delight when you add these cute limited-edition goodies to a festive platter! The nuggets are made up of 100% Australian turkey and chicken breast, with a golden crumb.

They’re like dinosaur shaped nuggets, but for adults! (Credit: Aldi)

They also are hormone free and are available in the fridge section of your closest Aldi.

The German grocery chain is known for selling out popular products and as these are only here for the festive season, we advise you add them to the trolley during your next trip to the store. 

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Whilst being $5.99, they are a bit on the pricier side for nuggets, but at this time of year it’s worth spending that bit extra for a) the convivence and b) the cute, festive shape!

Buy them to share, or just for yourself… (Credit: Aldi)

Aldi doesn’t stop at just christmas-tree-shaped-nuggets when it comes to providing the festive spirit, with a whole Festive Selection range being available in stores now, the other items that might take your fancy include:

  • DANISH BLUE SALAMI – Handcrafted with black peppercorns, shiraz from Mudgee and blue cheese from Denmark
  • BACON WRAPPED CHICKEN BREASTS – Deliciously oven baked chicken wrapped in bacon and stuffed with basil pesto and Danish feta
  • TURKEY MINI KIEV BALLS – Choose from either Cranberry and Bacon or Bourbon Spiced 

Happy Christmas feasting! 

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