Top 10 summer-ready recipes to help you look and feel great!

Healthy and seasonal snacks, meals and treats.

In the heat of summer, we’re in the mood for lightweight dishes that boast nutritional benefits to help us look and feel our best.

On the menu? A balanced diet defined by seasonal fruit and vegetables. Eating a variety of fresh foods while limiting sugars and saturated fats is the key to strengthening your mind and body for summer.

Whether you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle or kick weight loss goals, here are ten seasonal snacks, meals and treats to carry you through the warmer months.    

Vegetable Thai green curry

Vegetable Thai Green Curry

Turn to this flavoursome vegetable curry for a speedy dinner saviour. A handful of summer’s vegetable produce – from vibrant carrots to green beans, capsicum and bok choy – create a diverse and nourishing bowl.

Soft serves

Soft Serves

Summer and soft serves go hand-in-hand. And there’s no need to deny yourself the pleasure of a sweet treat with these fruit-filled flavours. Keep dessert interesting with three delicious recipes for vanilla tropics, chocolate chip and berry fields.     

Each cup includes one heaped scoop of IsoWhey protein powder to deliver your daily dose of probiotics, vitamins and minerals. Add IsoWhey Strawberry Smoothie to your berry fields soft serve to get a health kick with every mouth-watering serve.  

Fish tortillas with salsa

Fish Tortillas with Salsa

Not only is barbecued fish a great source of vital nutrients, from omega-3 fatty acids to calcium, it also makes a light filling for these Mexican-inspired tacos. Whip this appetising summer lunch up in under 30 minutes and savour the fiesta of cumin and chilli.

Quinoa trifles

Quinoa Trifles

Start the morning on a health high with these delightful trifles. Protein-rich natural yoghurt forms a creamy base and is topped with wonder grains, nuts and colourful fruit. Make and portion the trifles into jars the previous night to enjoy breakfast on the go.

Prawn spring rolls

Prawn and Avocado Vietnamese Rolls

Put these fun Vietnamese rolls together in under 20 minutes for a refreshing afternoon appetiser. Fresh prawns are low in calories yet high in protein to help you maintain a healthy weight, while in-season avocado brings a creamy texture to each bite. Serve with homemade chilli sauce.

Green nacho bowls

Green Nacho Bowl

Satisfying and moreish, this nacho bowl makes for the perfect midweek meal. Pair fresh avocado with kidney beans, cherry tomatoes and spinach for a green twist on traditional nachos. Don’t forget tortilla chips for that must-have crunch!  

Zucchini noodles

Zucchini Ribbon Salad

This unique salad recipe combines ribbons of crisp zucchini with the saltiness of goat’s cheese for an energising summer lunch. The sweetness of raisins and crunch of croutons creates a taste and texture sensation, while the zucchini is high in fibre and low in calorie count.

Chocolate bars

Chocolate Bars

Who could say no to bite-sized morsels of health-packed chocolate? Made with medjool dates, banana, superfood chia seeds and IsoWhey protein powder – to name a few impressive ingredients – these tasty bars are a guilt-free treat.

To create the almond latte bars, add two heaped scoops of
IsoWhey Classic Coffee, which is fortified with with 12 vitamins and 11 minerals so you can feel and look great while satiating your chocolate cravings. These moreish bites are the wholesome way to enjoy dessert at home.  

Beans and prosciutto

Beans on Toast with Prosciutto

This visually impressive bruschetta-like sandwich makes for an inspiring light lunch in the summer heat. Ciabatta loaf is topped with fresh greenery, indulgent cream cheese and slices of salty prosciutto to create a surprising yet delicious flavour profile.  

Beetroot salad

Greek Beetroot and Grilled Feta Salad

You can never go wrong with a low-calorie classic Greek salad, whether you follow the traditional recipe step-by-step or add your own unique twist. In this vibrant iteration, swirls of in-season baby beetroot and pickled red onion are added for an extra taste, colour and nutrient punch.

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