Ray Meagher’s second surgery shock

The Home and Away star speaks out.
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Alf Stewart is one of the most iconic figures of Home and Away, but actor Ray Meagher has shared a shock health update following his triple bypass last year.

WATCH BELOW: Home and Away’s Ray Meagher talks about his health scare

In a report by The Daily TelegraphRay, 76, admitted he suffered “a few twinges” while doing his post-op exercise six months after his heart surgery.

However, after a speedy visit to his doctor who discovered the blocked artery, Ray was treated by a Sydney surgeon and had a life-saving stent inserted within 24 hours of his doctor’s visit.

Ray now says he’s “ready to take on the marathon at the Tokyo Games, where I’m sure I will medal, as they say.” However, the Home and Away star urged people – especially men – to get checked ahead of Wednesday’s Give With Heart Day.

Ray has revealed he has undergone further surgery following his triple bypass. (Credit: Seven)

Ray, who has starred on the hit Aussie soap since 1988, also revealed how he’s maintaining a healthy lifestyle even when on set.

“Instead of letting assistant directors or runners drive you from wherever the unit base is on location, down to the set, I always say ‘give me a little bit of notice when they need us’ and I walk each way,” he told the publication.

“The old ticker can creep up on you without giving you warnings and some people aren’t as lucky as me. They don’t get the bloody warning or a twinge… just bang [and gone]. It is just so important to get checked and on a regular basis.”

“It is just so important to get checked and on a regular basis.” (Credit: Instagram)

Last year, Ray underwent an angiogram, which revealed a need for urgent surgery and shared details a few months later on Seven’s The Morning Show.

“I’d been seeing a cardiologist every year for about 10 years, and this was another scheduled check,” he explained at the time.

“I’d never had any symptoms, but just before I saw him this time, I did have a bit of shortness of breath. So I was able to say to him, ‘Mate, we’ve found what we’ve been looking for for 10 years!’

“I went in for an angiogram the next day, where they found a bit more than they thought they might and, about 48 hours after I first saw the cardiologist, I was going under the knife. It was all very quick. I didn’t have time to think about it and that was probably a good thing.”

Ray spoke about his heart surgery on The Morning Show in 2019. (Credit: Seven)

Earlier this year, Ray made headlines when he surprised Home and Away fan Daphne Greenfield on her 100th birthday.

All masked up and COVID safe, the Aussie actor visited the birthday girl at her Sydney nursing home and presented her with a bouquet of flowers.

Speaking to 7NEWS, Ray said: “Things are tough enough out in the world at the moment and to have little things like this happen to put a smile on everybody’s face, it’s fantastic.”

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