Home And Away’s Jackson Heywood reveals: “It’s a big responsibility”

Jackson Heywood takes his role as the Summer Bay chef very seriously!

Since he moved to the Bay as Brody Morgan three years ago, Jackson Heywood has had his fair share of on-screen romance and dramas – all while cooking up a storm in the Salt kitchen!

For Jackson, playing the show’s resident restaurateur has been a joy – not to mention a culinary learning experience.

As the 30-year-old says: “It’s a bit of an honour and a big responsibility. I’ve learned a lot – things like how to use a knife properly and good chopping skills.”

Certainly, Jackson feels well and truly at home in Salt.

“I do feel very comfortable there,” the actor says. “I do feel that I know every nook and cranny of Salt, because I’m always there.”

Jackson works closely with Home and Away’s props caterer, Carol Toohey.


“I love her,” he says. “She’s always here, so any time I have any questions, she’s so happy to go through everything with me. She’s so passionate about her job – and such a sweetheart.”

Does Jackson get to eat any of the food we see him dish up?

“All the time,” he says, adding with a laugh, “I’ve had a lot of free lunch breaks because of Carol – she’s saved me a lot of money!

“Carol cooks everything fresh for us, so we all call dibs as quick as possible. Her meals go very quickly!”

Happily, too, playing Brody has inspired Jackson to spend more time in his own kitchen.

new idea

“Since starting on the show, I cook so much more and I actually really love it,” he says.

“I find it’s cathartic. In a way, it’s like meditation.”

Jackson’s fans will be happy to know the actor has no plans to give up his day job. “I admire chefs so much – they work incredibly long hours and are so passionate about it,” he says.

“I like cooking, but I love acting and jumping in the ocean a bit more.”

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