Home And Away: Tori and Ash – it’s over!

Tori confronts Ash about his rash decisions.

She’s been through hell and back with her family, and now all Tori wants is to settle down with the man of her dreams. 

She thought that man was Ash (George Mason), but he doesn’t seem to be the person she initially thought he was. 

The whole situation with Mick (Kristian Schmid) and Ash has made Tori (Penny McNamee) question her perception of the mechanic, is he a different guy now? 

The young doctor feels that Ash crossed a line when he kidnapped Mick, a line that Ash fails to see. 

ash and tori

When he finally gets to apologise to Tori for what he did, she can’t see how they can move past this. 

Tori thinks Ash has an anger inside of him that she cannot accept and she decides they should take a break from each other. 

It’s over between them.

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