Home And Away: The truth about Robbo and Jasmine revealed!


She’s been suppressing her true emotions for weeks, but no longer. Jasmine (Sam Frost) finally summons the courage to open up about her feelings to Robbo (Jake Ryan) – she has fallen for him!

What’s more, the young nurse tells Robbo that it was none other than Tori (Penny McNamee) – the single doctor with whom he is about to embark on IVF treatment – who encouraged her to be honest with him at last.

“It’s been so challenging for Jas,” says Sam. “When Robbo first told Jas that he had feelings for her, she was scared to tell him how she felt.

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She has had a bit of a bad run in relationships and I think she was worried about rejection.

“She also works alongside Tori at the hospital every day and certainly didn’t want to do or say anything that could jeopardise Tori and Robbo becoming parents.

“The last thing Jas wanted to do was to confuse Robbo. So she selflessly put her own feelings aside, while at the same time really battling with what the next step should be for her.”

However, everything changes when Tori – who is now aware that Jasmine is in love with Robbo – urges her colleague to be truthful with him.

After all, says Tori, Robbo deserves to know how Jasmine really feels about him before he starts the IVF journey.

Suddenly, everything becomes clear to Jasmine. She needs to be honest with Robbo. And there’s no time to waste!

“She sees a really beautiful soul in Robbo and she wants him to shine,” Sam explains. “But it’s also much more than that.”

And now the big question is this: how will Robbo respond to Jasmine’s stunning confession?

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