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Back from the dead
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It’s the shocking secret Colby and Dean have somehow managed to keep under wraps for almost two years – the truly chilling fact that Colby (Tim Franklin) shot dead his evil stepfather Ross (Justin Rosniak), with Dean (Patrick O’Connor) helping him bury the body in a shallow grave in remote bushland.

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But, as we all suspected, it was only a matter of time before the past would return to haunt the Summer Bay residents. And now that time has come!

“This is the secret that Colby and Dean had literally buried,” Patrick tells New Idea.

Home and Away Colby
Colby receives a call from his sergeant with news that rocks him to the core. (Credit: Seven)

“But we definitely knew when we filmed this storyline that it was going to come back at some point.”

In this week’s must-see episodes, the two long-time friends are enjoying a night out at Salt with Dean’s girlfriend Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) and Colby’s teenage sister Bella (Courtney Miller) in honour of the finalisation of Ziggy’s divorce after her short-lived marriage to Brody (Jackson Heywood).

However, the celebration is cut short when police officer Colby receives a call from his sergeant with news that rocks Colby to the core. Ross’ body has been found!

Home and Away Colby
The body of Colby’s evil stepfather Ross has been found. (Credit: Seven)

“The group is having a blast when Colby gets the call – and suddenly everything changes,” says Patrick.

“They’re instantly taken back to that terrifying night a couple of years ago when Ross was chasing them and Willow (Sarah Roberts) was shot, before Colby killed Ross.”

Patrick says we’ll have to watch to find out exactly what happens next, promising we won’t want to miss a moment of the explosive developments.

Home and Away Colby
Colby shot dead his evil stepfather Ross. (Credit: Seven)

“I think people will be very shocked by what happens next,” he says.

“There’s every chance that everything could unravel for Colby and Dean from this point on.”

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