Meet Gogglebox’s newest cast members… Tim and Leanne

The Melbourne-locals are coming to screens near you, soon!
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Attention, Gogglebox fans!

The latest cast members for the show have been announced – Tim and Leanne from Melbourne.

The Daily Telegraph interviewed the pair ahead of their big TV debut, with the siblings admitting they’re a little nervous ahead of the series airing.

“I just hope we don’t let down the whole side,” Tim told News Corp.

Gogglebox's Tim and Leanne
(Credit: Instagram/@thetravellingulcers)

“At times, we’re not the most PC [politically correct] people,” he said.

“I’m probably the most un-PC when it comes to LGBTQI conversations.”

Tim works as a a retail technology consultant while Leanne works as an operations manager in a factory.

The self-confessed foodies regularly post on their YouTube and Instagram account, The Travelling Ulcers.

Tim and Leanne
(Credit: Instagram/@Thetravellingulcers)

According to a statement released by Foxtel, the pair are “both equally loud and assertive in their individual opinions,” and are especially passionate about cooking shows.

Both admitted they were big fans of the show before applying to be on it.

“If I met any of them, I would be in full star struck mode. You’ll know I’m nervous when I get that high-pitch giggle. That’s definitely going to happen,” said Leanne.

Gogglebox announced its newest cast members off the back of Angie and Yvie, and Wayne and Tom’s departure.

Season 9 premieres on Foxtel’s Lifestyle Channel on Wednesday, February 6 at 7.30pm.

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