Yummy Mummies stars: Meet our babies!

The glam mums show off their bundles of joy.
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The Yummy Mummies spill all – drug-free births, plastic surgery and their plans for more kids!

Yummy Mummies
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Rachel: ‘I want to be pregnant in a month’

With little Harvey by her side, Rachel’s already planning her next bub. ‘I’ve got a wedding in Bali this month and I’m nervous about the zika virus, but once I’m back from that and the tests are clear, I’ll start trying to have a baby again. I hope to be pregnant by September.’


Lorinska: ‘I want four kids’

Lorinska is keen to have a big family – but she needs to convince her husband. ‘I want to have four, but Andrew wants three. My idea is to have another girl, so Penelope has a sister. Then if I cracked twin boys after that, I’d have my four!’ Always fit and trim, Lorinska reveals dropping her baby weight wasn’t as easy as she thought it’d be. ‘I thought my body would’ve just snapped back, but it didn’t. It was when
I stopped breastfeeding that I dropped all my weight.’


Maria: ‘I’m open to plastic surgery’

After welcoming baby Valentina, it took no time for Maria to feel fabulous again.

‘I get asked all the time how I stay so trim. I’ve lost quite a bit of weight since having the baby. People asked if I was going to have plastic surgery, but I didn’t,’ says Maria.

‘I don’t think you should change your whole look, but if you feel the need to enhance something, then why not?’


Jane: ‘My birth was drug-free’

Mother to Jagger, two, and baby Jasper, Jane’s drug- free births were an accident.

‘I had both my boys naturally with no drugs – it wasn’t intentional. By the time I got to hospital, I was already 10cm and they said: “No drugs, you’ve got to start pushing.” It was terrifying. I started crying and yelling: “I need drugs!” But I didn’t have a choice. Second time around, my obstetrician knew I’d done it before, so they made me do it again!’


This story originally appeared on this week’s New Idea – Out now. 

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