MAFS Bryce’s baffling excuse for writing “leave”

And we’re still scratching our heads…
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He left the whole of Australia befuddled when in a Married At First Sight first, groom Bryce Ruthven wrote “leave” only to cross it out and then write “stay” at the commitment ceremony.

“Wife” Melissa Rawson was left devastated by the move – particularly brutal given she had just admitted she was falling in love with Bryce.

WATCH: MAFS’ Bryce reveals why he really wrote “leave”

Speaking on the Kyle & Jackie O show on Monday, Bryce attempted to explain his bizarre decision.

“We did actually have a conversation the night prior to the commitment ceremony where Melissa did actually say to me, she said, ‘Hey Bryce I want to leave. Now I don’t want to leave you, I want to leave the environment we’re in,’” he recounted.

“I was like, ok and we sort of went to bed and the day of you don’t see each other that much.”

MAFS Bryce Melissa
Married At First Sight’s Bryce (pictured with Melissa) has attempted to explain why he wrote “leave” only to change it to “stay”. (Credit: Channel Nine)

Bryce added that he expected that that night’s commitment ceremony would be their last.

“I woke up thinking, OK this is our last day here because Melissa made these comments last night and we went and had coffee that morning and she was being very quiet and sort of spoke to her about it and she said I don’t like being here anymore and I said how do we go about it? And next minute we’re filming our get ready scene and we’re off filming,” he said.

“We were both like ‘I don’t know’. So that’s the decision I made to write leave and cross out and write stay was literally made 20 seconds before going to film  the commitment ceremony. Legit.”

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MAF byrce
His dramatic move left fellow brides and grooms gobsmacked. (Credit: Channel Nine)

Hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie “O” Henderson were left confused by the explanation as it appeared to raise more questions than answers and did not fully explain why he actually wrote “leave” only to change his mind at the eleventh hour.

Fans were similarly confused on Sunday night when Bryce switched from “leave” to “stay” seemingly at the last minute.

“I actually decided to leave. But then I crossed it out,” Bryce announced at the commitment ceremony with the other brides and grooms gasping in shock.

He added: “It was tough. It was hurting me to write it down. But I got to a point that… I had to cross it out and put stay, because I’m not done with this relationship.”

While we may still not be any closer to answers, fingers crossed all will be properly revealed soon!

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