Turia Pitt left in “unbearable” pain after freak accident with sewing needle

"I woke up feeling like my foot was on fire."
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Turia Pitt has detailed the painful moment a sewing needle was left lodged in her foot after a freak accident.

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Heading to Instagram on Thursday, the 34-year-old shared the story.

“Last Friday, at 6am, in a Sydney hotel room, I stepped on a sewing needle,” she wrote. “Once I’d recovered from the initial shock and pain (and had finished rolling around on the bed like a marinated pork chop, swearing loudly), I scoured the floor, searching for the culprit.

“There it was, sticking out of the carpet, like a soldier about to go into battle. ‘You absolute pr*ck;’ I said to it, casting my eye balefully over its dismembered body. All but a third remained.”

“Last Friday, at 6am, in a Sydney hotel room, I stepped on a sewing needle.” (Credit: Instagram)

The athlete went on to say that, despite having found a third of the needle, she did not initially assume the remaining two thirds were lodged in her foot.

“It didn’t seem to hurt too much so I put my shoes and socks on, shepherded my two young children out of the hotel, into our transfer, out of our transfer, entertained them for the three hour journey to Cairns, traveled from Cairns to Port Douglas, did two loads of washing, went to bed, got up at 5:30am to go the gym, went to the gym, took the boys to gymnastics.”

But at 12pm the following day, Turia could no longer ignore the pain that had been building since the incident and was now “unbearable”. 

After her partner, Michael Hoskin, arrived home from work, he drove the 34-year-old to the nearest hospital.

The needle had settled amongst Turia’s bones. (Credit: Instagram)

“I was half expecting them to say ‘You silly sausage, it’s just a bruise’,” the motivational speaker wrote. “But instead they said, ‘Wow, it’s really deep’.”

Not only was the needle still in Turia’s foot, it was resting on a nerve amongst her bones to the point where the athlete required surgery.

“I had an operation to remove the needle and woke up feeling like my foot was on fire,” Turia added on her blog. “But each hour that passed after that, I got better and better. I needed less pain medication because I was getting better, my head fog cleared, I was no longer thinking about the pain.”

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Upon hearing the news, the author was showered with well wishes from her industry friends.

“My god that’s horrible! Wishing you the speediest of recoveries. I am sure it’ll be challenging with the kids. Sending calming vibes to your household 💋,” Carrie Bickmore wrote.

Melissa Doyle also penned: “OMG!!!! Hope you’re doing ok now! Xx.”

Meanwhile, Jana Pittman described the incident as “horrible”, writing: “Hope you recover quickly. One of my fears treading on something like glass, let alone that!! 😢.”

Lisa Wilkinson said she’d always known Turia was a “superwoman,” telling her friend to “take good care”. 

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