New SAS recruit, Tim Robards, put’s mind, body and soul into his new role

‘This is my mid-life crisis’
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Soon-to-be dad-of-two Tim Robards describes his decision to take part in this year’s SAS in the Middle East, as a “mid-life crisis” and a wanting to “break some self-doubt”.

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Over the last few years, Tim has had two reconstructive surgeries, chronic back pain, a suspected spinal infection and chronic knee tendinopathy.

He says it may seem “crazy to push myself again” by signing up for SAS, but he approached the show as a chance to build a “robust” body.

“I haven’t had too much adversity of late,” Tim tells us.

“Sometimes you have to seek it out to remain sharp, gain confidence and know what you are capable of.”

Tim with his wife Anna and daughter Elle. (Credit: Instagram)

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Yet Tim’s loved ones were hesitant about him jumping into the show.

“They don’t think my body can handle it,” he says.

“They’ve been telling me to slow down for a long time. I’m 40 and healthy. I don’t think I’ve hit my peak. I need to feel like I’m moving forward or else that’s the quickest route for feeling depressed.”

The main competition for Tim will be with “his own head” and dealing with a lack of sleep.

“If I don’t get half decent sleep, I’m a shadow of myself,” he shares.

The SAS recruit says he needs to feel he’s “driving forwards”. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Tim’s wife Anna Heinrich took part in SAS last year and advised him to be “helpful” to people and respectful of the DS (directing staff), but failed to tell him “just how gruelling the day to day was”.

He adds that when you are working on a show like SAS you find yourself in a “constant state of stress, fear and anxiety” and that it truly is “relentless”.

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