Karl Stefanovic slams ‘cheating’ Guy Sebastian

'He's a cheater!'
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The Voice coach Guy Sebastian sent the show into a meltdown last night when he hit his buzzer for contestant Wolf Winters – even though his team was full.

The unprecedented move caused an entire production halt, coaches to clash and now, Today show host Karl Stefanovic has weighed in on the outrage, too.

WATCH: Karl Stefanovic slams Guy Sebastian’s extra button push on The Voice

With just one coveted spot remaining on her tam, Kelly Rowland knew exactly what she was looking for in a singer.

Then, along came deep-voiced Wolf Winters.

While his performance was undeniably impressive, Kelly didn’t turn her chair and it didn’t sit well with fellow coach Guy who at the last minute hit his buzzer.

The Voice
Producers were forced to intervene. (Credit: Channel Nine)

The entire show was halted as producers tried to determine what the ruling was on Guy’s chair turn.

Meanwhile Kelly was furious, slamming Guy’s move as “cheating”.

As Today’s entertainment reporter Brooke Boney explained this morning, the producers made a final ruling.

“Obviously, the other coaches didn’t take too kindly to that, so a producer had to intervene, ruling that Guy could add him to his roster – but he has to eliminate two of his contestants, not just one, in the Battle Rounds,” Brooke said. 

Is that fair? Karl didn’t seem to think so, interrupting Brooke’s segment to blast Guy for what he deemed to be cheating.

Today Show
Karl was enraged. (Credit: Channel Nine)

“Hang on, so he’s already said yes to these two people who are already on his team? And to get Wolf on his team he has eliminate two of the people he’s already chosen?” Karl asked.

“Yes, in the Battle Rounds,” co-host Allison confirmed.

Karl continued: “Oh my god. He’s a cheater. He’s a cheater, that Guy Sebastian!”

Kelly Rowland
Kelly was furious at Guy. (Credit: Channel Nine)

After turning his chair, Guy then tried to convince Kelly to add Wolf to her team, despite not hitting her buzzer.

But, Kelly was adamant: “I’m looking for something specific. How’re you going to tell me what to look for my team?

“You’re cheating. You are cheating!” she added.

In the spirit of the show, which aims to put the artists first, Wolf was accepted into Guy’s team, however he will go into the battle rounds in a three-way sing off allowing the coach to eliminate an extra artist and balance out his numbers next round.

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