Ash and Leah reveal that The Block drama was real

"They didn’t need to produce much. We just did it.”
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This season of The Block is almost over, with Leah and Ash revealing that the 2023 drama wasn’t fabricated.

“The producers truly are just there to follow us around,” Ash explained to The Fox Breakfast Show. “This year they didn’t need to produce much. We just did it.”

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Now that The Block is at its end, let’s look back at what transpired across the show.

Leah acknowledged her behaviour exclusively to New Idea in the past, admitting that she feels “really embarrassed” and “disappointed” for getting caught up in the drama.

She added that the recent confrontation between Eliza, Liberty and Kristy served as the catalyst for her to question her own behaviour. 

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“I realised that what we had been chatting about as friends, for example, using each other to vent, turned into some serious issues and it was a huge wake-up call for me,”  she explained.

Leah went on, “I had to take a moment and own the fact I was a part of this, and this is not who I am! I didn’t tap out and have real perspective of the entire situation.”

In the first couple of episodes, Leah had accused Steph of cheating alongside Kristy. (Credit: Nine)

Leah shared that she assumed Kristy would feel the same if she “pointed it out” to her. But “when she wouldn’t even attempt to take some accountability or want to hear another perspective,” she says it was devastating to her.

“It was the moment where it was obvious we didn’t see eye to eye,” Leah went on.

Leah admitted that the tension between her and Kristy has been “hard to navigate” and that things “just didn’t happen” the way she envisaged, which was ultimately the group reconciling and moving on from all the drama. 

The Block’s Leah and Kristy turned from best friends to rivals. (Credit: Nine)

“I was very mindful to not hurt my friend when confronting her about how I was feeling deep down.

“The jokes, banter and venting moved into anger from Kristy, and it was a really big moment for me,” she shared. 

Reflecting on the situation, Leah says she feels it has given her an insight into herself and aided her growth as an individual, with the support of husband Ash always “having my back.”

Ash stood by his wife throughout the conflict. (Credit: Nine)

Despite The Block receiving widespread backlash this season, Leah pleaded with viewers to understand that the contestants are functioning in an extremely tense environment daily.

“I’m not an emotional person in my day-to-day life but once the first waterworks went off, they came on so quickly in all other moments,” she says of her experience. 

Leah and Ash have kids themselves, dedicating their rock climbing wall room to them. (Credit: Nine)

Leah explained, “It’s hard to gather rational thoughts when you’re on The Block when it’s all moving at 100 miles an hour… I wear my heart on my sleeve. It’s confronting.”

Even though friendships were fraught and tensions ran high, Leah maintains she has “no regrets” about taking part in the show, she’s merely disappointed in the reaction that she received from someone she considered a friend. 

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