Sonia Kruger was terrified she wouldn’t love her daughter Maggie

The Big Brother host used an egg donor to fall pregnant.

Sonia Kruger has opened up about her biggest fear while pregnant with her daughter Maggie, revealing she was worried she wouldn’t love her baby as she wasn’t biological.

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The television host has always been honest when it comes to her fertility journey.

When she fell pregnant at 48, Sonia was completely open about using a friend as an egg donor to conceive with her partner, Craig McPherson.

Sonia Kruger and Maggie
Sonia and daughter Maggie are a colour co-ordinated dream. (Credit: Instagram)

Now, Sonia is just as candid, admitting to Stellar she had concerns she wouldn’t love her daughter, Maggie, 5, the same way a biological parent would.

“That’s the beautiful thing about having a child in your life whether you’ve adopted them or had them by surrogate, or it’s a foster child,” she said.

“You grow to love them and, in my case, it was pretty instantaneous. She grew in my tummy so she’s a part of me and I look at her and can’t imagine loving her any more than I do.”

SOnia Kruger
Sonia couldn’t love daughter Maggie more. (Credit: Instagram)

Being over the age of 45 when she began trying to conceive, doctors told Sonia her chances of falling pregnant were zero, and the couple’s attempts – both naturally and through IVF – were unsuccessful.

Despite this, Sonia held out hope.

“You still believe it can happen, and you see stories, and you think maybe that can happen for us, but the odds are definitely very slim,” she told The Australian Women’s Weekly.

For that same reason Sonia felt the need to be completely transparent about her fertility struggles.

“I had no choice but to be 100 per cent honest about it because I didn’t want anyone to be misled about me or my situation,” she told Stellar.

Sonia Kruger
Sonia is returning to host Big Brother. (Credit: Instagram)

Sonia is set to host the much-anticipated reboot of Big Brother returning in a matter of weeks.

The beloved TV personality made the jump to Channel Seven this year from Nine to do so.

But, in these trying times, the 54-year-old admits it has come at a cost, with Seven staff having their pay cut by 20 per cent – herself included.

Speaking about the shock decision, Sonia revealed she had no problem with it given the way the industry has been hit hard amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

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