Sarah Roberts shares baby plans after miscarriage heartbreak

"I was going through all this pain"
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After two heartbreaking miscarriages, Home and Away star Sarah Roberts has opened up about what lies ahead for her and her partner James Stewart.

WATCH: Sarah Roberts Talks About Becoming A Step-mum To Scout

Speaking on Nova’s How To… Life podcast, 35-year-old Sarah Roberts revealed the devastating details surrounding her miscarriages, as well as revealing her future plans when it comes to kids.

Sarah and James
Sarah (left) wished her husband James (right) a happy birthday on Instagram last month, writing “the most potent creature I know, my forever lover, happy birthday husband.” (Credit: Instagram)

In May of this year, the soap star penned an emotional essay about her heartbreaking miscarriages for Stellar magazine. This week, Sarah has revealed that she had her reservations about being so open about the horrific ordeal.

“I was really nervous sharing the article,” the actress admitted on Nova’s How To… Life podcast.“I was nervous people were going to judge me.”

Sarah went on to admit that sharing the article was largely a coping mechanism, explaining, “I was going through all this pain and I needed to tell everyone.”

For the Home and Away star, the essay also served as a resource for women struggling through the same ordeal that she went through. “I just wanted other women and couples to feel like they weren’t alone,” Sarah tells the podcast. “When I experienced miscarriage, there were times I felt really alone.”

sarah and james wedding
James (left) and Sarah (right) tied the knot in July last year in Ireland. James’ daughter, Scout (middle), was the flower girl. (Credit: Who/Are Media Syndication)

Despite her recent and tragic miscarriages, the 35-year-old admitted that a baby is still very much on the horizon for her and James.

“We’re practising! This is a very honest answer,” Sarah told the podcast when chatting about trying for more kids.

She continued, “We’re flailing about. I am doing acupuncture and taking Chinese medicine. We’ve gone through spouts of not drinking because ‘maybe it’s damaging everything’… We’re just learning as we go.”

sarah and James
James and Sarah are “practising” for more kids. (Credit: EXCLUSIVE/New Idea)

In the wake of her tough times, the actress has found a support raft in her co-star and husband James.

After meeting 45-year-old James during auditions for Home and Away, Sarah and the former Packed to the Rafters star quickly became a golden couple.

The pair married in June of last year at Luttrellstow Castle near Dublin, Ireland, at which point Sarah officially garnered the title of step-mum to James’ eight-year-old daughter, Scout, who he shares with ex-partner Jessica Marais.

And gaining that position did nothing to deter the actress’ desire to have kids. Discussing her parental role when it comes to Scout, Sarah revealed to Nova that becoming a step-mum “wasn’t a deterrant, it was actually a turn on, my ovaries were like ‘have children!’”

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