The hidden detail in Robert Irwin’s latest crocodile expedition

And it wasn't the river of crocs behind him.
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Robert Irwin has released a new video as he partakes on a family tradition. And despite the river behind him being filled with crocs, fans were distracted by a different detail.

WATCH: Robert Irwin sounds just like Steve in new video

Last night, Rob, 17, took to his Instagram to share a video from Wenlock River at the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve for Australia Zoo’s annual Crocodile research trip.

The young wildlife warrior explained that the plan was to catch the crocs to study them and “give back to crocodile conservation”.

“The more we can learn about them, the more we can do to protect them.” 

Fans of Robert were all saying the same thing. (Credit: Instagram)

As a talented photographer, the 17-year-old also said he’s been snapping many pics of the wildlife, before revealing he was going to be judging this year’s Crikey Magazine Photography Awards and encouraging his followers to enter.

But rather than the comments section be littered with keen photographers, Rob’s fans had something else on their minds.

“If that doesn’t sound like Steve I don’t know what does.. miss his enthusiasm for crocs. Great to see you carrying on his legacy mate,” one user wrote.

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Not many didn’t agree with the sentiment, one replying saying that the teenager was “a carbon copy of his dad”.

“Sounding like Steve,” another fan added.

“You just like your father,” a third penned.

Robert is a doting uncle to Grace Warrior. (Credit: Instagram)

When he’s not carrying on his dad’s conservation legacy or taking a mean photograph, Robert is busy being a doting uncle to Bindi Irwin’s daughter, Grace Warrior.

Back in April, Rob shared a series of adorable photos with the bub and expressed his excitement about watching Grace grow up.

“Being Grace’s uncle is awesome!! I can’t wait to watch this little warrior grow up and take on the world – I reckon she’ll be running the zoo in no time!” the 17-year-old wrote.

“I feel so honoured that I’ll get to share all the amazing experiences that I had growing up in a zoo, and teach her about everything from rescuing wildlife to caring for our family of animals!” 

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