Packed to the Rafters’ secret reunion

It's back to the Rafters!
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We all remember the iconic Australian drama Packed to the Rafters. Starring household names such as Michael Caton, Hugh Sheridan, Rebecca Gibney and Erik Thomson, the popular show was a national treasure.

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Now, some of the show’s main cast have reunited and we could not be more excited!

Posting to his Instagram this afternoon, actor Hugh Sheridan – who played Ben Rafter in the iconic series – posed with a very familiar face.

“A naughty crew catch up,” Hugh wrote under a photo of himself and Michael Caton – who played Ted Taylor on the Aussie drama.

The 35-year-old even gave a nod to Michael’s role in the legendary Australian movie, The Castle, adding the hashtags #straighttothepoolroom #tellhimhesdreaming #wouldntbedeadforquids”.

Hugh Sheridan
Grandfather and grandson back together again! (Credit: Instagram)

Needless to say, seeing on-screen grandfather and grandson together again sent fans into a frenzy.

“This photo has just made my day Hugh!” @aaronr8300 wrote.

“You forgot #aussielegend” @annpawlow added.

The sweet post comes after it was revealed Amazon Prime is rebooting the beloved series, rejigging it as Back to the Rafters. The show’s return was sadly halted, however, as COVID hit right during the middle of filming – and actor Hugh tested positive for the virus.

Packed to the Rafters
A Rafters reboot is coming this year! (Credit: Seven Network)

Back in September last year, the 35-year-old revealed his diagnosis over social media after flying to Australia from the US. 

“I’ve been quiet for the last few days cause I’ve been feeling all the varied emotions about my positive COVID test,” Hugh wrote while in quarantine in Sydney. 

“I haven’t felt like talking to anyone much yet. I had a negative result when I arrived, I now know all my friends including who took me to LAX airport are all negative so it’s been confusing for me, it’s scary, frustrating & lonely.”

But despite this setback, Hugh soon recovered and the Rafters gang came back better than ever, managing to film through the pandemic – albeit in a rather unconventional way.

Packed to the Rafters
The release of Back to the Rafters was delayed due to COVID. But the cast and crew have finally wrapped filming and the reboot is set to hit our screens very soon. (Credit: Seven Network)

“We are starting to get the hang of working with COVID,” Michael Caton told the Herald Sun back in October last year. “But you feel a bit exposed because everyone has the face shields and the gloves and the actors have got nothing.”

“As soon as you finish the scene it’s masks on and face shields – but it took us a little while to figure out how to do it. It’s difficult but you just have to keep your mind on the job – and don’t spare the hand sanitiser.”

But despite the necessary precautions delaying the release of the reboot, the cast and crew eventually wrapped filming at the end of 2020. And Back to the Rafters is expected to hit our screens this year!

It looks like we have a lot more cast catch-ups to look forward to!

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