Nick Cummins share his Honey Badger’s guide to good sex…

He's getting into very X-Rated detail about what he's like in the sack.
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Nick Cummins may be in a dark place following his shocking decision on The Bachelor Australia finale. 

But once he recovers from the fallout of not picking either Brittany or Sophie, the former Bach may want to get back into the game. 

And he’ll be following his hot sex tips, detailed in his new book The Honey Badger Guide To Life.

The saucy chapter in his book goes into intimate detail on what the Honey Badger thinks you need to do. 

Remember you’re not driving at Bathurst. Too much speed can create friction, which may result in spontaneous combustion!”

He gets his hot tip for avoiding premature ejaculation from a mate, who shared, “It happens to most blokes at some stage. You’re that keen to party at pleasuredom that the party is over before it begins… A mate if mine reckons that when the wolf is at the door, he just thinks of his mother-in-law. That solves the issue quick!”

For those of you who are curious about talking dirty, Nick advises, “Yelling and screaming like you’re caught in a barbed-wire fence may be cool at first, but ideally you want to build up to the fireworks.”

Ending with, “Happy humping!”

The book extract follows Nick’s appearance on The Project, where Tommy Little observed the former rugby star seemed depressed. 

Nick, 31, also admitted that his mental state was at an all time low.

“I’ve never been in a mental space as low as I have been on the show, especially toward the end of it,” Nick said adding, “All of this stuff doesn’t compare to what you actually have to go through in here [points to head] on something like that.” 

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