JUST IN: Michelle Bridges’ drink driving sentence has just been handed down

The celebrity fitness trainer faces court
Michelle Bridges
Michelle Bridges arrives at Waverley Court
AAP Image/Joel Carrett

An upset Michelle Bridges has expressed her contrition and humiliation outside Waverley Court in Sydney, where she has pleaded guilty to drink driving charges. A magistrate gave the star a three-month driving ban and a $750 fine. 

A conviction has been recorded, and she will have install an alcohol interlock device in her car. 

WATCH: Michelle Bridges apologises after drink driving allegation

‘I would like to apologise to my family, friends and community for my gross error in judgment,’ she told the assembled press.

‘The consequences of these actions will haunt me forever.

‘I ask for forgiveness from my great community and my family and thank you for your support.’

The star, who became a fitness industry in herself after first shooting to fame on The Biggest Loser, has confessed she is going through some difficult times following her split from Steve ‘The Commando’ Willis – a situation she indicated was a contributing factor for her drink driving bust.

Adding further controversy to the drama, Michelle had a young child on her car at the time, believed to be her son Axel.

Michelle Bridges
Michelle Bridges arrives at Waverley Court (Credit: AAP Image/Joel Carrett)

Michelle issued a statement to The Daily Telegraph after the incident, calling the drama ‘an error in judgement’.  

‘I would like to express my deep regret for breaking the law, this was a terrible mistake and an error of judgment,’ she said in a statement.

‘This behaviour is inexcusable, and I am absolutely devastated and embarrassed to find myself in this position. It has been a very difficult time for me the last few weeks dealing with the break-up of my long-term relationship.

Michelle Bridges
Michelle is facing the music (Credit: AAP Image/Joel Carrett)

‘This is by no means an excuse for my behaviour but I feel the emotional turmoil I have been going through has impacted my decision making. I am extremely sorry for my actions.’

Bridges was pulled over by police on New South Head Rd in Sydney’s east at approximately 11.25am.

She was arrested and taken to Waverley Police Station where she allegedly blew a reading of 0.086.

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