Heath Ledger’s daughter, Matilda, celebrates her 18th birthday

Heath would be so proud of his "adorable" little girl.
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In the blink of an eye, Heath Ledger’s lookalike daughter Matilda is all grown up, having celebrated her 18th birthday on October 28.

New Idea hears that the late Aussie actor’s only child spent the occasion with her mum, Michelle Williams, and some friends in upstate New York.

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She also hosted a Zoom party with her Aussie relatives, as “turning 18 is a much bigger deal down under than in America,” explains our insider.

Making this birthday all the more special for Matilda is the fact she is now the legal owner of the Best Supporting Actor Oscar her dad posthumously won for his role as the Joker in the film The Dark Knight.

Matilda Ledger (Credit: The Image Direct)

Heath’s parents Kim Ledger and Sally Bell, and older sister Kate, accepted the accolade on his behalf at the 2009 Oscars. Since then, the statuette has been housed in Heath’s hometown, at the Western Australian Museum in Perth.

His dad Kim previously confirmed that the Oscar was secure “in the museum”, and would be handed over to Matilda once she turned 18.

“Everything is there for Matilda, and when she can take possession of it, it’s all hers,” Kim confirmed in an interview back in 2016.

And according to People, magazine, Heath’s award was just recently removed from public display, suggesting it is making its way to his daughter.

Heath with Matilda and wife, Michelle Williams, in 2006. (Credit: Getty)

Matilda was just two years old when her father passed away.

Her mum Michelle made sure Matilda grew up knowing all about her dad.

“I always say to Matilda, ‘Your dad loved me before anybody thought I was talented, or pretty, or had nice clothes,’” Michelle, 43, once revealed.

In recent years, their family has expanded.

Michelle married theatre director Thomas Kail in 2020 and they have given Matilda two half-siblings – little brother Hart, three, and another sibling born in 2022.

Heath’s family, his mother, father and sister accepting the award for Best Supporting Actor for ‘The Dark Night’ in 2009. (Credit: Getty)

“Matilda is so good with those kids,” tells the source.

“For the first time she feels like she belongs to a proper family and having two siblings is the icing on the cake.”

Recently, it was reported that Matilda could be looking to take a “year off in Australia” in between graduating high school and attending university.

It’s been suggested she might have plans to attend an Ivy League college in the US.

At this stage, Matilda’s future career aspirations are unknown, but the teen shares many of her late dad’s passions, including being an avid chess player.

In the meantime, New Idea hears Matilda may be heading to Oz soon to see her family – including cousin Rorie Buckey, who is now dating Robert Irwin.

“Matilda is desperate to see [her grandmother] Sally and hasn’t ruled out an Aussie Christmas or New Year’s,” says the insider.

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