CONFIRMED: Kyle Sandilands in painful breakup

A difficult time.
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Shock jock Kyle Sandilands broke ties with his friend and manager Andrew Hawkins last year, and lawyers were involved to split their assets and investments. 

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The pals were once so close-knit that they worked, played and travelled together, and at times they even shared shared a house.

Sandilands once admitted to having courted Hawkins to come on board as his manager: “I thought, ‘how do I get this guy? I woo him. I romance him, bachelor-style.’ ”

However, according to The Daily Telegraph, when their split was finalised, assets were split equally and each banked a share of profits made during their 15 year professional relationship. 

Kyle and his ex-manager Andrew met in 2004.

Kyle has kept an interest in H2, formally H2Coco, while Andrew has taken over the men’s interest in LA boutique recording company Young & Vicious, which is one third owned by mystery backers.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Kyle also retains rights to usage of the business name King Kyle Pty Ltd, which he began with Hawkins. 

Last week, Kyle and his co-host Jackie O were hit with a 10 per cent pay cut as the coronavirus pandemic puts financial pressure on their parent company Australian Radio Network (ARN).  

The pair reportedly earn $8 million each per year, but their COVID-19 pay cut will bring their salary down closer to $7.2 million. 

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