Jock Zonfrillo and the sweet way he bonded with his blended family

He was a proud dad of four.
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As a TV personality, celebrity chef, and philanthropist, Jock Zonfrillo achieved some incredible milestones in his life (the Masterchef judge sadly died in April 2023). But, nothing brought him greater joy than the time he spent with his beautiful family.

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As a father-of-four, with kids from three marriages, there’s no question that balance was key, especially when it came to spending quality time at home with his wife and kids.

Jock also proved that his number one priority was his family, and shared a rare inside look into how he made it all work with New Idea in 2020.

“Not having a phone on, not being disturbed by anything else just giving myself to my kids – that for me is something that is brilliant,” Jock told us. 

Jock rarely shared full family photos with his followers. (Credit: Instagram)

Speaking with our sister publication Now to Love in 2022, Jock admitted that he had enjoyed being a father ”in a different way” with his two younger kids. 

“I was used to working every single Christmas, birthday, anniversary, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, New Year’s Eve,” Jock said. 

“As hospitality workers, we allow everyone to celebrate those days, and as a consequence, we miss out on those celebrations. We miss out on sports days and stuff like that. 

“And I think this time around with kids, because I haven’t been in a kitchen and I’ve been on MasterChef, I’ve had nights off, and I’ve had weekends off. And so my mental health is greatly improved, and I’ve been able to enjoy being a father in a different way this time around.

“It’s been brilliant, but it’s also allowed me to identify and be able to talk about mental health as a father in a very different way. It has been really, really good.”

jock zonfrillo wife lauren son alfie
Jock shared two kids with Lauren. (Credit: Instagram)

As one of the judges on MasterChef, Jock was no stranger to long hours and even longer days, but he didn’t let that get in the way of dad duties.

“Whenever we have a later start I’m able to walk Aflie to kindy and if I’m back in time I’ll pick him up,” he said. “Which is fantastic so just being around my kids and being present.”

Jock shared two children with his third wife Lauren Fried, son Alfie and daughter Isla.

Jock also had two older daughters, Ava and Sophia, from his first two marriages, and like any blended family, finding ways to bond together was important.

jock zonfrillo daughters ava sophia
He also had two daughters from his previous marriages. (Credit: Instagram)

His eldest daughter Ava currently lives in Sydney, while the rest of Jock’s family live in Adelaide. Jock also lived in Adelaide while he was alive but he didn’t let the distance get in the way.

“We FaceTime every night when she’s having dinner,” Jock said. “We all have dinner together, and with the young kids and her, they love her as a big sister.”

The 23-year-old has taken after her dad, in a way, heading down the food industry to work within media and PR.

“She loves it, I think there’s a great kind of vibe around food. It doesn’t matter what part of food you’re in,” Jock said.

jock zonfrillo daughter isla
Jock also said spending time with his kids helped ease his anxiety. (Credit: Instagram)

Jock also credited his family for helping with him deal with his mental health, saying that nothing dialled back his anxiety like spending quality time with his family.

“Rolling around in the carpet, playing with LEGO or cars with the kids – that for me definitely reduces my anxiety,” he said.

“It’s a super-effective tool and I don’t know if that’s because you feel more love and everything at the time and that’s what helps.”

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