Jackie O reveals Hollywood star once “held her captive” after she snuck into her home

"She held me captive and wouldn’t let me leave because she thought I was a lying b**ch."
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Jackie ‘O’ Henderson has revealed that a Hollywood star once “kept her captive” and called her a “lying b***h” after the radio star attempted to sneak into her home in Los Angeles.

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On Friday’s episode of The Kyle and Jackie O Show, Jackie revealed it was none other than Jane Seymour, who played Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, who also called her a “wh***” after she and she and co-host Kyle Sandilands went on on a star tour in Los Angeles many years ago and tried to make their way into celebrities’ houses.

“I got into her house,” Jackie admitted, adding, “She held me captive and wouldn’t let me leave because she thought I was a lying b**ch.”

Jackie O says she was “held captive” by Jane Seymour. (Credit: Kyle and Jackie O Show)

She continued, “She didn’t let me leave, I wanted to leave, I wanted to get out of there.”

Kyle then chimed in, saying he had been waiting outside in a car when the drama unfolded.

“She called Jackie a lying b**ch, a wh**e, [and said] ‘Get out of my house, I’m ringing the police’.”

He added that he then saw his co-host “flying out of the house” before demanding they make a swift getaway.

“Jackie goes, ‘Drive! Drive! Drive!’ and we took off down the Malibu highway. I spent all day waiting to be arrested,” Kyle continued.

Jane Seymour wasn’t impressed when she found Jackie O in her home. (Credit: Getty)

They did, however, almost manage to make their way into the mansion belonging to crooner Lionel Richie, where they had a friendly chat with the All Night Long singer.

“Then the gates open and Jackie disappears inside for ages. I thought they kept her hostage.”

“He ended up saying, ‘We’ve got nothing on the schedule, maybe whoever you spoke to you need to rebook it’,” Jackie added.

“He has one of those places where when you walk in, it’s like a big piazza in the courtyard with fountains, it’s super fancy, [our chat] only happened there, I never got into his place.”

She added, “We were young yahoos back then.”

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