Home And Away’s Rob Kipa-Williams’ sweet message to fans

“We all cope differently."
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Much of the country is in lockdown right now. With Victoria plunging in and out, yo-yoing between hope and despair and New South Wales recording all-time high case numbers, COVID is wreaking havoc on our lives.

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There are thousands out of work, separated from loved ones and feeling more isolated than ever.

Understandably it’s taking its toll on the majority’s mental health. In light of the seemingly never-ending situation Home And Away star Rob Kipa-Williams has shared a sweet messaged to fans.

“Although Home and Away is a fictional world and our characters sometimes struggle to cope. I am very aware that the real world is currently causing challenges in the way we cope,” he began.

“We all cope differently and that’s ok.. A heartfelt message to all those struggling with lockdowns.”

Rob shared the sweet message via Instagram. (Credit: Instagram)

He then went on to add a valuable, and easily achievable piece of advice.

“The smallest thing I have discovered to find relief from a sense of anxiety is breath. 1 deep breath in hold for 3 to 4 seconds and breathe out.. Repeat 5 breaths this way. Then place your hand on your chest and position your fingers in between the muscles of your chest and tap your sternum 5 times.

“Wishing you strength in this challenging time. 🙏 💪 ❤.”

The beloved soap hasn’t been immune to the state’s tight lockdown restrictions.

The cast of the show have also been in lockdown. (Credit: Instagram)

Home And Away is filmed at Sydney’s Palm Beach as well as a studio in Redfern. And this isn’t the first time filming has been interrupted by COVID.

Last year, the cast and crew were forced to make alternate arrangements during the height of the pandemic.

While some TV series have addressed the pandemic and introduced storylines around it, executive producer Lucy Addario revealed to BBC Summer Bay won’t be following suit.

“We did think about it but we really know that people love to come to Summer Bay to escape,” she said.

“By the time the episodes we shoot get shown, if we are doing covid stories, it’ll be the last thing people want.”

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