Georgie Parker’s plea: ‘Let me fall in love’

The Home and Away star admits she’s keen for a new love interest!
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Love triangles, hook ups and budding relationships have always been a staple of Home and Aways never-ending small town drama.

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So when actress Georgie Parker was grilled over whether she’d like to see a new love interest for her character Roo Stewart, it’s no surprise she was all for the idea.

“Yes, as long as it’s a lovely actor who’s low maintenance!” she told Digital Spy this week.

“I’ve been pretty lucky with the actors that I’ve worked with on Home and Away. They’ve all been terrific.

Georgie Parker
Georgie Parker wants a long-term partner for her Home and Away character Roo Stewart. (Credit: Getty)

Like most of Summer Bay’s residents, her character Roo has struggled to form a long lasting connection with any of the men she’s dated over the years, including Harvey Ryan (Marcus Graham), James Edmunds (Myles Pollard) and James Mayvers (Tim Ross).

Roo, who was originally played by Justine Clarke in the late 80s before Georgie took over the role in 2010, was also briefly married to Frank Morgan (Alex Papps) in one of the show’s iconic early storylines.

Georgie parker Marcus Graham
Marcus Graham (pictured) is just one of Georgie’s on-screen love interests over the years. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Georgie confessed that she wanted her next on-screen romance to be long-lasting.

“If Roo was to find love again, I’d want it to be long-term. I would want it to be ‘the one’ – somebody who moves into Summer Bay, becomes part of the house and part of the family. Something steady and long-term,” she told the publication.

Roo’s ongoing single status is a far cry from Georgie’s real-life relationship.

She’s been married to screenwriter, Steve Worland since 1999 and the couple share 19-year-old daughter Holly.

Georgie Parker
“If Roo was to find love again, I’d want it to be long-term. I would want it to be ‘the one,'” Georgie said. (Credit: Channel Seven)

“I wanted to be a mother for a very long time,” Georgie confessed to Good Health last year.

“I just had to wait to meet the right guy! I kept on meeting guys I just didn’t want to be a parent with, then finally I met my husband when I was 33. It was just the way it worked out.”

Georgie shared the secret to happiness in their marriage and revealed how she and Steve avoid conflict.

“We’ve never been joined at the hip, it’s just not the way we operate,” she said.

“I think it’s very healthy to do a lot of things separately, we have our own interests and I think that really helps. We do things independently, but also as a family, and as a couple.”

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