‘My husband likes it’: Chezzi Denyer celebrates ‘dimply’ bum in VERY candid post

Responded to snap of her on the beach with Grant
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A photo of herself enjoying a day at the beach with husband Grant Denyer, prompted Chezzi Denyer to take to Instagram on Jan. 28 to share a candid reaction. Check it out in the video below.

“For some reason this gorgeous photo of my 🍑 keeps reappearing…” Chezzi revealed to her 34,000 fans.

Grant and Chezzi Denyer
(Credit: Instagram/Chezzi Denyer)

“I first saw it a few weeks ago, and now another magazine is making out like its a recent pic taken over the long weekend. Well it’s not. 
“But what upsets me is the “commiseration” messages I’ve received since this photo was published,” Chezzi went on.
“So what? I have a big, dimply a*$e,” the TV host wrote. “I honestly could recount the enjoyment in creating every single dimple.
“This photo represents the first time in 10 years I lived in the moment and ignored any threat that a photo of my “unprepared” beach body might be snapped.”

Chezzi Denyer bikini photo
(Credit: MediaMode)

Chezzi then went on to list what the photo represents to her.

“I am real.
I am turning 40 this year.
My bum sags.
It droops.
It’s lumpy.
It’s dimpled.
But my husband likes it,
And I like it. So what?
I like chocolate.
I’ve eaten a lot of bread.
I have enjoyed a lot of wine!
I’ve enjoyed myself.
I’ve laughed.
I have lived.
And here’s your proof…”

Chezzi denyer bikini photos
(Credit: MediaMode)

Chezzi went on to explain the context of the beach break snaps.

“The context of the photos is that I was having a fantastic, exciting, fun time with my family, biscuit rides behind the Jetski on a quiet beach at Ballina with only a handful of people sitting on the beach,” the mum concluded.

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