Emma Watkins shares sweet glimpse into her childhood

And it's for a very wholesome occasion.
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Emma Watkins, 34, has shared an adorable photo of her younger self – and it’s for a very wholesome reason.

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The former yellow Wiggle took to her Instagram stories on Monday to re-share a post from the ABC which showcased now and then comparisons of many famous faces.

In the left hand photo of Emma, the singer can be seen recording for the animated ABC show Reef School – which she narrates.

Emma now and then. (Credit: Instagram | ABC)

To the right is a photo of young Emma in her school uniform. Her red locks are as curly as ever as she beams for a school portrait. 

“Recording for Reef School season 2,” Emma wrote alongside the photo on her Instagram story.

The children’s entertainer’s throwback was shared alongside nostalgia-inducing glimpses of the the series’ other stars, including Tony Armstrong, Chloé Hayden and Shane Jenek (Courtney Act). 

Emma and her sister, Hayley, in their childhood. (Credit: Instagram | Emma Watkins)

“This is soooooooooo cute,” Emma wrote underneath the now and then photos. 

Emma shared another glimpse into her childhood in November last year when she posted a festive photo with her sister, taken from a Christmas in their youth. 

“The excitement of Christmas,” the 34-year-old wrote at the time. “Here with my sister Hayley in our handmade Christmas shirts and skirts made by mum.” 

Emma with her husband Oliver Brian. (Credit: Instagram | Emma Watkins)

In December 2023, Emma shared candid details about her childhood to news.com.au, revealing that her youth was marred by instances of bullying.

“At school I was a little bit picked on because I was a bit nerdy and I loved school a lot and I wore glasses,” she explained to the publication. “Some children don’t know how to relate to other children that might have something that’s different to them.
“My advice is to always be yourself and know that your family and support network around us and your friends love you for who you are.”

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