All You Ever Wanted To Know About Casey Donovan

Learn more about this Aussie singer’s colourful life and career.

Casey Donovan made history as the youngest ever winner of Australian Idol. Since then, she’s gone on to act in musicals, released an album or two, and made some interesting fashion choices. But whatever you think of here, you can’t deny that she commands attention whenever she goes.

While her career has had its fair share of ups and downs (remember that time she got mistaken for that porn star that acted in Boys In The Sand?), she’s kept up her positive attitude and amazing singing voice. There’s definitely more to Casey than meets the eye, and in this article, we’re going to dive deep into her personal life and answer all the burning questions you might have about this superstar.

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How Old Is Casey Donovan?

Casey Donovan is 31 years of age. 

What Is Casey Donovan’s Real Name?

Her full name is Casey Ray Donovan.


How Much Does Casey Donovan Weigh?

Casey’s a loud and proud plus-size role model. She’s pegged her weight at around 103 kg or 227 lbs.

What Is Casey Donovan’s Nationality?

Casey’s is half Aboriginal and one hundred percent Aussie – she was born in Condell Park, New South Wales.

How Tall Is Casey Donovan?

Neither tall nor short, Casey’s height is around 5’8.


What Is Casey Donovan’s Net Worth?

Due to her various on-going appearances and musical gigs, she’s been estimated to be worth around 15 to 18-million dollars.

Is Casey Donovan Gay?

She’s never explicitly confirmed this, but due to her personal experiences with romance so far, it’s reasonable to assume that she may be bisexual.

Does Casey Donovan Have A Boyfriend?

Casey’s had an interesting history with relationships. She’s been subject to catfishing by her then-friend Olga for almost six years, falling in love with an imaginary man called Campbell. Luckily, her manager intervened before things got out of hand. She’s recently been spotted with a potential boyfriend – but she hasn’t confirmed or denied any relationship.

Who Is Casey Donovan’s Family?

Casey has half-aborigine ancestry – something that she’s quite proud of.


What Books Has Casey Donovan Written?

So far, Casey’s written one book: her autobiography Big, Beautiful & Sexy. It covers her journey post-Australian Idol and some significant events from earlier in her life.

What Was Casey Donovan’s Most Popular Song?

In terms of awards, Casey’s 2004 hit Listen with Your Heart hit number 1 on Australian music charts. However, her song Big, Beautiful & Sexy has been widely praised as the anthem of plus-sized women everywhere. Her rock-pop hit What’s Going On is also quite popular.


How Many Albums Does Casey Donovan Have?

Casey has three albums: For You, Eye 2 Eye, and Off The Grid & Somewhere in Between. You can view the rest of her work on Spotify.

What Movies Has Casey Donovan Been In?

Casey’s yet to appear on the big screen. She did audition for the 2010 movie version of The Sapphires, but didn’t secure the part. However, she’s appeared in various musicals, which means a movie adaptation is never that far away for this singer-actor!


What TV Shows Has Casey Donovan Appeared In?

Aside from her run on Australian Idol, Casey’s appeared in shows like Fusion, Black Comedy, I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! and Street Smart.

Does Casey Donovan Have A Tattoo?

Yes! Casey has a couple of tattoos on her hand. She’s often said that she wants to get more, so we might get to see some fresh inks further down in her career.


Has Casey Donovan Ever Posed Nude Or Topless?

Casey’s never officially posed nude or topless, but she’s always been very proud of her body and isn’t afraid to flaunt it!

What Is Casey Donovan’s Diet?

While Casey doesn’t mind that she’s big and beautiful, she also understands the importance of a healthy diet. She’s said that she eats a spread of lots of fruit, vegetables, and proteins. She’s also taken up the Weight Loss Coaching Works (WLCW) program with Ben Physick.


How Much Weight Has Casey Donovan Lost?

So far, Casey’s lost 17 to 36 kgs with her exercise and diet – a number she’s quite proud of! She’s a firm believer in physical activity, regularly going to the gym and boxing.

What Is Casey Donovan Doing Now?

It seems like Casey is still focusing on her television career, though she hasn’t shied away from the occasional musical, most notably in the smash hit We Will Rock You. Her recent appearances include a performance at the 2017 Logie Awards and the upcoming Network 10 show Catfish Australia.


Does Casey Donovan Have Instagram?

Definitely! Get your Casey fix at her official Instagram here.

Does Casey Donovan Have Facebook?

Of course! Find her official page here.


Is Casey Donovan On Youtube?

Yes – find her official channel here, in addition to recordings of her famous rendition of “We Will Rock You”.


Her Australian Idol win was more than a decade ago, but this uber-talented Aussie shows no signs of slowing down!


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