Carrie Bickmore wows fans with her impressive penguin cake

"Is that a Caramilk FENCE? OMG!"
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For her partner’s 40th birthday this week, Carrie Bickmore created the ultimate cake – and we’re a little bit jealous.

WATCH BELOW: Ryan Reynolds wishes Carrie Bickmore’s partner a happy birthday

Taking to Instagram, Carrie celebrated her partner Chris Walker’s 40th birthday with a surprise cameo from Ryan Reynolds – and just when you thought nothing could possibly top that, she shared the birthday cake that she made for him.

Uploading a photo of the cake, Carrie’s impressive baking and decorating skills shined through, where she recreated a scene straight out of the movie Happy Feet – complete with soft snow and cute penguins.

“Looks like a cake for a 4 year old….was actually a cake for a 40 year old,” she said. “He loves PENGUINS.”

penguin cake
Carrie created this cake for her partner Chris’ 40th birthday. (Credit: Instagram)

The impressive cake features an Igloo, three adorable penguins and a make-shift wall made from chocolate – all of which is based around a bed of snow.

This isn’t the first time Carrie has whipped up something spectacular, where she recently created a pink iced castle cake for her daughter’s birthday earlier this year.

While fans are use to seeing Carrie share her cake creations, this latest one has them all incredibly impressed.

carrie bickmore chris walker
Carrie is the Queen of birthday cakes. (Credit: Instagram)

“You never fail. You’ve always rocked at Birthday cakes!” one user commented under her post.

“Still looks amazing for any age!!!” a second penned.

Another user added: “Nailed it.”

Chezzi Denyer also chimed in and said: “Is that a Caramilk FENCE? OMG! This is BRILLIANT Carrie.”

carrie bickmore chris walker
Carrie also surprised Chris with a birthday cameo from Ryan Reynolds. (Credit: Instagram)

Carrie certainly pulled all the stops for Chris’ birthday, where she enlisted the help of his alleged “hall pass” to ring in the milestone.

It was none other than Ryan Reynolds of course, who relayed a hilarious message dedicated to Chris.

“I just want to wish you a very very happy birthday. Carrie didn’t even tell me it was your birthday; I just had it in the calendar, I don’t know why it was there, but I wanted to wish you a very happy 40th,” he said.

You can watch his full message in the video player at the top of this story.

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