Britney Spears and Elton John team up for surprise comeback

The pop princess is teaming up with a legendary artist for her comeback.
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After a six-year hiatus, Britney Spears is back. The popstar is officially set to release new music and is collaborating with none other than Elton John. 

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The single comes almost 9 months after Britney was released from a 13-year conservatorship, with the singer previously claiming that she may never work again once the ruling was overturned. 

According to multiple outlets, the iconic duo will be releasing a new version of ‘Tiny Dancer’ next month, with Page Six reporting that 40-year-old Britney recorded the single at John’s Beverly Hills recording studio last week. 

Elton John and Britney Spears
The Rocket Man and Pop Princess are teaming up. (Credit: Getty)

“This was Elton’s idea, and Britney is a huge fan. They have recorded a remix of ‘Tiny Dancer’ as a full duet and it is incredible,” an anonymous source told Page Six

“They’ve already played it for people at their record label, and everybody is freaking out. It is so good,” the source adds. “They are saying this is going to be the song of the summer.”

Britney is officially back. She’s back to work, and she’s super excited.”

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari
Britney Spears married Sam Asghari in June. (Credit: Getty)

This isn’t the first time Elton has supported artists who have fallen on hard times, with the iconic music star earning a name for himself in recent years as a ‘Hollywood Helper.’

Speaking to The Jonathan Ross Show Elton explained how the support he received in his early years from many peers including Bob Dylan and Neil Diamond had strongly shaped his desire to pay it forward. 

“I had a lot of support when I was ill and [in] rehab,” he explained on the show. “You support your friends through thick and thin. I had a lot of support when I went through the thin end of the wedge and I never forget that.”

Elton John
The duo will sing ‘Tiny Dancer.’ (Credit: Getty)

“That taught me to say, ‘listen if that happens to you, you’ve got to give it back to someone else when you get older.’ It’s part and parcel of who I am.”

In recent years Elton has taken this pay-it-forward approach to help out a number of stars, explaining in his memoir, “I suppose because I was a high-profile addict who turned his life around very publicly, I became someone that my peers looked to if they had a problem.” 

Most notably, he offered support to Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse, and has recently mentored a number of young stars including Billie Eilish and Lorde.  

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