MAFS’ Jessika Power is rumoured to be Big Brother VIP’s first star

"Locked to go into the celebrity Big Brother house."
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With Big Brother Australia all wrapped for 2021, we’re now eagerly awaiting the celebrity edition of the reality series.

WATCH: Fitzy & Wippa reveal rumours surrounding Big Brother VIP

The announcement of the spin-off series, aptly named Big Brother VIP, was made earlier this year, and frankly, since the moment we heard the news, we’ve been speculating about who will enter the famous house.

The show was due to begin filming soon but due to the current COVID lockdown restrictions in Sydney it has been delayed.

That hasn’t stopped rumours leaking about which stars are involved, however.

Who will be entering the house? (Credit: Seven)

Fitzy & Wippa revealed on their NOVA radio show this morning they’d received intel that one of Married At First Sight’s most outspoken stars is set to enter the house.

“We’ve heard from a very close source that Jessica power from MAFS is locked to go into the celebrity Big Brother house,” Sarah McGilvray told the radio duo on air.

A former Big Brother star himself, naturally both Sarah and Wippa looked to Fitzy for confirmation.

“I don’t know who’s going in but well I got told is that the cast will blow you away.

“And I’m thinking seriously?” I got told ‘No, don’t think just Australians, think international’.”

Jessika was labelled as one of the “mean girls” of her MAFS season. (Credit: Nine)

Colour us intrigued.

The hosts then theorised that the big star could very well be How I Met Your Mother star, Neil Patrick Harris, who was in the country to film Australia’s Got Talent for the network before it was scrapped due to COVID.

“I can tell you who it is because he came out for Australia’s got talent, that got cut…” Wippa suggested.

Neil rose to fame on How I Met Your Mother as Barney. (Credit: Supplied)

According to Woman’s Day celebrities were eagerly lining up to join the show after it was announced.

“Celebrity agents are falling over themselves to cast their talent,” a Big Brother source told the publication.  

“This revamped celebrity format will be on our screens before the end of the year.”

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