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They’re here! The new cast of Beauty And The Geek has been revealed for 2022 and boy, does Sophie Monk have an interesting cast of characters to work with this year.

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With 10 new stunning women and 10 new nerdy guys entering the experiment, this year’s cast features everyone from a professional mermaid, to a Harry Potter megafan and even a cryptocurrency trader.

The new group will face a whole new series of challenges with the winning couple set to score $100,000 in prizemoney at the end of the show – but that’s not all.

Each of the geeks will undergo a massive makeover on the show, with these episodes always ranking as huge fan favourites.

So who are the geeks gearing up for their transformations this year, and what do we know about the beauties joining them? Keep reading to meet the cast.

The Geeks

BATG Aaron
(Credit: Nine)

Aaron – train driver, 30, NSW

A train-lover looking for someone to share his passion, Aaron is a total romantic but needs some help in the confidence department.

“I try to be friendly and make jokes with people but there’s always something in the back of my mind, thinking I might say the wrong thing, so I overthink situations a lot. I’m hoping to learn to be more confident and get pushed out my comfort zone,” he says.

BATG Alexander
(Credit: Nine)

Alexander – bookworm, 27, SA

A maths teacher by day, this certified plant dad (he has 18 houseplants) is super smart but takes a while to find his voice when meeting new people.

He says: “I want to learn how to be naturally confident and not just put on a brave face when I go out. I want to be a better version of me.”

BATG Anthony
(Credit: Nine)

Anthony – Harry Potter Fanatic, 26, NSW

Who doesn’t love Harry Potter? This super fan takes it to the next level with cosplay and other fandom antics, but says he wants to find confidence in his daily life too.

After experiencing bullying in school, Anthony still has his guard up and needs to get close to new people before he lets them in.

BATG Christopher
(Credit: Nine)

Christopher – international Yu-Gi-Oh! champion, 30, SA

For the uninitiated, Yu-Gi-Oh! is a Japanese card game based on a manga and anime series of the same name, and Christopher is a total blitz at it – but he’d like to become a champ in other areas of his life too.

“I’ve spent most of my time hanging around people who share my interests, so I don’t tend to add a lot to conversations around things I’m not specifically interested in,” he says. “So I’d like to learn more about how to interact with everyone, not just the people I know who share my interests.”

BATG Jason
(Credit: Nine)

Jason – musician, 29, VIC

Musicians are meant to be cool and mysterious, right? Well, Jason doesn’t feel like he fits that mould and wants to finally step out of his comfort zone on the show.

“Everything I do is geeky. I work as a data scientist, I play video games, board games, role-playing games. I love philosophy, coding, and I’m pretty geeky about my music too,” he says.

(Credit: Nine)

Jayden – martial arts expert, 24, NSW

Looks certainly are deceiving when it comes to Jayden, who is a black belt in martial arts but struggles in his romantic life. A total workaholic, he has three jobs plus his geeky hobbies on the side, leaving little time for dating or self-care.

“To be honest, I don’t know if I can make myself look good. It’ll be interesting to say the least. I’m hoping to look good. I’m not looking at Ryan Reynolds-level of good, just better!”

BATG Michael
(Credit: Nine)

Michael – children’s party entertainer, 25, NSW

Part-time party guy (the children’s entertainer type, though), part-time crypto trader, Michael says he gets anxious around women and it puts a strain on his romantic connections.

“I try and remember to breathe and relax,” he says. “I think I have put on a mask in front of girls to hide the nerves and anxiety behind a big smile and the jokes, but I’m always overthinking what I’m saying to a girl.”

(Credit: Nine)

Mike – Batman fanatic, 20, QLD

He may seem confident in his radio job or hosting trivia nights, but Batman superfan Mike admits intimate conversations make him freeze up and he wants to find the confidence to let people in.

“I’m open to finding love, but at the same time I really want lifelong friends and to gain some confidence in myself,” he says.

(Credit: Nine)

Nate – Japanese anime expert, 20, SA

One of the youngest Geeks on the show this season, Nate is hoping to find friends who can share his passion for computer science and Japanese comics.

“It’s going to be a new experience and challenging, but that’s as far as I’ve thought about it. I’d like to learn to give myself more credit and learn more about myself,” he says.

BATG Samuel
(Credit: Nine)

Samuel – E-sports champion, 25, VIC

He’s super competitive when it comes to video games but found himself becoming more and more withdrawn during the pandemic. Now Samuel wants to start fresh with new friends – and maybe even some romance.

“I love being a geek because it’s about having passion for something. I’ve shaped my whole career, my whole life, around Counter-Strike and E-Sports and I love it. Not many people can say they love what they do, but I love everything about what I do.”

The Beauties

BATG Aimee
(Credit: Nine)

Aimee – trainee nurse, 23, TAS

A confident social butterfly, Aimee has had her fair share of dud dates and would be happy to find a spark with her Geek on the show.

“I think a geek would be good for me because he won’t have a criminal record, or be a bad boy who would cheat on me. He might have a receding hairline, if we’re lucky,” she says.

BATG Angelique
(Credit: Nine)

Angelique – social media content creator, 21, NSW

With a wild and zany personality, Angelique often does social media challenges with total strangers so she knows how to strike up a conversation with anyone – including the Geeks.

“I’m eccentric, I’m not the typical, big-booby beauty. I feel like I’m a rainbow gem that has yet to be discovered. I feel like I’m hidden and I want to learn more. I want to know more about the world around me and that’s why I’m here. To see if the geeks can teach me that,” she says.

(Credit: Nine)

Bri – ex-NRL cheerleader, 30, NSW

A medical secretary and former cheerleader, Bri gets along with everyone and has the grooming know-how to help her Geek totally transform, inside and out.

“I would teach him to always look at the bright side of things. It’s either in your life for a reason or a season. I like people who remain humble and kind, no matter what,” she says.

BATG Daniella
(Credit: Nine)

Daniella – Miss Universe finalist, 26, WA

You can’t get much more beautiful than a Miss Universe finalist, but Daniella is so much more than her looks; she also studies primary education and works at a creche looking after children of parents who are learning English.

She says: “After watching the show last year, it was wonderful to see the growth in the geeks and also the beauties. We have our down days and insecurities, so I hope we can make this a really nice, positive experience for both beauties and geeks.”

BATG Emily
(Credit: Nine)

Emily – flight attendant, 25, NSW

She’s always the loudest girl in the room and takes huge pride in her looks, but Emily has had her fair share of heartache with lame exes and hopes the Geeks will be different.

“I want to talk more about my feelings, rather than always keeping things light-hearted,” she says. “I want to find someone who can treat me the way I deserve to be treated. I’m looking for love, but if I get great friends out of it, then that’s amazing.”

BATG Heidi
(Credit: Nine)

Heidi – waitress, 20, VIC

Despite her amazing looks, Heidi used to be painfully shy and had to find her own confidence before turning into the “hype girl” she is today, so she’s going to be a great influence on the Geeks.

“I’ve always gone for the same type of person and I need to change it up. It will be really nice to meet someone who could be my best friend or to find love, but I just want to find someone who will appreciate me for me,” she said.

BATG Karly
(Credit: Nine)

Karly – hairdresser, 28, WA

After 16 years as a hairdresser, Karly knows just how to have a conversation with literally anyone and everyone – Geeks included!

“I’ve had quite a lot of life experience and I have a lot of good vibes to spread. I love helping people wherever I can, and if I can bring confidence out in a geek, then that’s my job done,” she declares.

BATG Sophie
(Credit: Nine)

Sophie – aspiring Prime Minister, 20, WA

Sophie has huge ambitions and a big personality to match, and while people often think she’s ditzy the young Beauty is’t just a pretty face; she also speaks Mandarin and studies international politics. Oh, and she loves LEGO and Pokemon!

As for why she wanted to go on the show, it all comes back to her mum: “My mum and I love the show and I know it would fill her heart up to watch me on it.”

(Credit: Nine)

Tara – mermaid performer, 22, VIC

Yes, it’s a real job and Tara loves it, and the many children she gets to delight when she’s performing. Now she’s hoping to prove she and the other Beauties aren’t just pretty faces.

“I think the beauties are smart, fun, bubbly, positive people, and I want to show they can be taken seriously for their intellect and personalities while still caring about their appearance,” she says.

BATG Tegan
(Credit: Nine)

Tegan – professional dancer, 26, VIC

After getting into dancing aged three, the profession has taken Tegan to so many places, including tap dancing at Disneyland Paris and cheerleading for the Melbourne Storm NRL team.

Despite all that, she sometimes struggles with her own confidence: “I’m hoping my geek will help me to learn to believe in myself, and I want to teach him too – how to come out of his shell, and definitely about the flirting game!”

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