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Kate Ceberano’s daughter is getting serious with Kate Langbroek’s son

The teenagers of two very famous Kates are growing close!
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As news has it, there are some Aussie celebs whose children are suddenly all grown up – and being struck by Cupid’s arrow before their very own eyes.

Pop star Kate Ceberano’s daughter Gypsy Rogers is thought to be “getting very serious” with Lewis Langbroek-Lewis, son of radio and TV personality Kate Langbroek.

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The young lovers recently spent their summer holidays arm in arm, camping in Bright, Victoria, and setting sail on stunning Sydney Harbour with a group of close friends.

Since New Idea broke the pair’s sweet relationship back in May, they have gone from strength to strength.

It’s understood the Ceberano and Langbroek families – who live close to each other in Melbourne’s south-eastern suburbs – spend plenty of time together.

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Gypsy and Lewis seem to have been dating since April, 2023. (Credit: Instagram)

The couple’s blossoming romance seems to have been given the tick of approval by ‘Bedroom Eyes’ singer Kate, who commented on one of their holiday snaps by saying, “My darlings, I love that you are there together.”

We’re told Gypsy is often a fixture at Kate and her husband Peter’s dinner table alongside Lewis.

Speculation of the two dating began in May 2023 when Gypsy shared an Instagram Story featuring Lewis.

In the photo, a beaming Lewis was holding Gypsy’s beloved dog, Pluto.

Gypsy tagged Lewis in her Story and drew a red love heart above his name. 

It’s believed the teenagers might have met through their famous mothers.              

Gypsy’s Instagram story of Lewis and her dog has many shouting puppy love… now they’re not hiding their romance! (Credit: Instagram)

Both returned to Australia in the height of the pandemic – Gypsy from Clearwater, Florida, and Lewis from Italy, where he was living with his mum, dad Peter Allen Lewis, and siblings. 

New Idea was told at the time that both Kates would likely be thrilled at the possible romance. 

Sources also revealed there had been a big increase in the pair liking each other’s own social media posts during this time.

Gypsy and Lewis are the cutest next gen romance. (Credit: Instagram)

Meanwhile, radio host Kate follows Gypsy on Instagram – suggesting she has given her the tick of approval.

Kate has always been protective of her eldest son, Lewis. 

At 6, he was diagnosed with leukemia. 

After a three-and-a-half-year fight, he got the all-clear but still has regular check-ups.

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