Are these celebrity mums sexualising their daughters?

Kim Kardashian and Farrah Abraham post pictures of their daughters heavily made up.

One is just seven and the other is only three but Sophia Abraham and North West have been heavily made up or photographed using filters for pictures their mums have posted on social media..

The images of Sophia have prompted outrage with critics saying Teen Mom star Farrah is “exploiting” and “sexualising” her daughter.

One wrote: ‘Farrah, Sophia is a beautiful kid, just let her be and find out what she wants before trying so hard to (make) her into what you want her to be.’

As for Kim Kardashian, she’s posted a picture of North with the caption: ‘Diva in training’.

Using a French maid selfie lens, which includes thick eyeliner, blusher and a beauty spot, Kim has posted the disconcerting image to Snapchat.

In a video clip of the selfie she says: ‘My girl is fierce as can be … right, Northy?’

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