10 of the most stunning British Royal heirlooms

These regal sparklers are the ultimate haute hand-me-downs.
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These regal sparklers – jewels in the crown – are the ultimate haute hand-me-downs.

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Worn by the likes of Queen Mary, the Queen Mother, and Queen Elizabeth, and passed down through time to adorn the heads and necks of Kate, Camilla, and Meghan, here are some of the most stunning and coveted royal jewels.

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Four-row Pearl Choker

A true gem of her collection, the Queen had this diamond-and-Japanese-pearl choker commissioned. Kate and Diana have both worn it.

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Maple Leaf Brooch

Kate, Camilla and the Queen have worn 
this diamond dazzler on state visits to Canada. King George VI bought it for his wife in 1939. 

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Aquamarine Necklace

The necklace and pendant hail from 
a brazilian set, featuring 
nine oblong aquamarines in a diamond scroll, gifted for the coronation.

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Delhi Durbar Necklace/Tiara

Queen Mary coveted the emeralds, originally won in 
a lottery, buying them back off her brother’s mistress.

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Diana’s Engagement Ring

A ceylon sapphire at its heart, William wanted this for Kate’s ring finger.

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Bandeau Tiara

An heirloom from Queen Mary to Queen Elizabeth II, the tiara’s diamond-studded brooch centrepiece sure made Meghan’s big day.

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Amethyst Heart Necklace

The Queen Mother’s sautoir necklace was passed on to the Queen, but Camilla wore it for the first time in 100 years.

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Cartier Halo Tiara

Made in 1936 for the Queen’s mother, it’s been worn by the Queen, Margaret, Anne – and most famously, bride Kate.

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Lover’s Knot Tiara

This heavy diadem, inherited by the Queen, went 
on to become 
a firm favourite of Diana’s – and later Kate’s.

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The Crown Jewels

Some of 
these sacred, ceremonial objects will be moved from the Tower of London 
for the next coronation.

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