Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Margrethe II: double abdication!

The monarchs are ready to hand over their reins.
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There’s set to be a double abdication happening this year, with insiders telling New Idea Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Margrethe II are planning to step down from their thrones.

Both women have reigned for substantial amounts of time, with Queen Elizabeth, 92, ruling for an impressive 66 years.

Queen Margrethe, 78, is the second longest reigning Danish monarch, having sat on the throne for 46 years.

But the two women have both suffered poor health this year.

Queen Elizabeth recently was a no-show at several events due to an onset of flu, as well as suffering knee problems.

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To add to the speculation, according to recent reports, UK ministers gathered last week to rehearse for Queen Elizabeth’s death and prepare for the 10 days of national mourning that would follow it.

The secret exercise was dubbed ‘Castle Dove’ and it was the first time senior officials and ministers met to discuss the possibility of Her Majesty’s funeral, signalling the very real possibility that the Queen’s abdication could happen sometime very soon.

When this happens, Her Majesty’s son Prince Charles, 69, and his wife Camilla, 70, will step up to the throne, while the younger and publicly much-loved royals, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, both 36, will fill their shoes.

Queen Margrethe, on the other hand, who has been a long-time close friend of Queen Elizabeth’s, also had to pull out of a royal event last week as she was sick with back pains, so she called upon her eldest son Frederik, 50, to take over.

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It is extremely rare for these monarchs to pull out of royal occasions and word behind palace doors hints that both women are close to deciding on abdication, despite fearing they will be disappointing their fans.

‘The buzz in Europe’s royal circles is that Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II and Denmark’s Queen Margrethe II are both looking to abdicate,’ says a well-placed royal insider.

‘It’s just a coincidence that it’s happening at the same time of course, but due to them both having health concerns we very well may have a situation where both monarchs step down from the throne by the end of 2018,’ the insider spilled.

‘They both missed official events at the weekend – which is extremely unlike both Queens, who rarely skip royal functions, even in poor health. This has, of course, only strengthened the whispers that a double abdication could be on the cards.’


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According to the insider, both monarchs’ families are hugely popular at the moment and especially the younger royals, who are ready to take over and would be accepted with open arms by their people.

So, the two Queens know that if they were to step down, then their monarchies would be well looked after by the next generations.

Also, Queen Elizabeth has been thinking that with Prince Philip’s ailing health, it would be good for her to be by his side during his final years and not moving from event to event.

With Queen Margrethe’s husband Prince Henrik passing away last year, the Danish royal has been considering her abdication more and more.

‘Both monarchs have dedicated their lives to their countries, and in Queen Elizabeth’s case, to the Commonwealth. They’re both now thinking that they want to enjoy their twilight years, especially as they know they’re leaving their thrones in safe hands,’ the source adds.

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