Royal feud: Harry and William go their ‘separate ways’

The final nail in the coffin!
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Prince William and Prince Harry’s fractured relationship is teetering on the very brink of no return following the release of bombshell royal biography Finding Freedom, by Carolyn Durand and Omid Scobie.

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After weeks of explosive leaked excerpts, the full tome has now dropped, unveiling scintillating and intimate details about the way Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were allegedly treated behind palace walls – and what sparked their decision to ultimately walk away.

Phil Dampier, author of Royally Suited: Harry and Meghan in Their Own Words, predicts that the highly anticipated book’s release will “do little to heal the relationship between Harry and his blood family, particularly with his brother William”.

Prince Harry and Prince William feud
Prince William (right) and Prince Harry’s (left) fractured relationship is reportedly teetering on the very brink of no return. (Credit: Getty)

There’s widespread belief among royal watchers – and reportedly even the royals themselves – that Harry, 35, and Meghan, 39, along with their trusted inner circle, were cooperative participants in the biography. As a result, the book is regarded as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s attempt to reframe the narrative around their exit from the royal fold.

Dampier predicts that the book’s accusations, believed to have come directly from Harry and Meghan’s camp, could be the final nail in the coffin of Prince Harry and Prince William’s relationship.

One incident that’s front and centre is the supposed cause of the brother’s rift – namely, Prince William, 38, cautioning his younger brother against marrying Meghan.

Dampier explains that what the book omits is Will’s reason for questioning his brother.

“William was worried Harry was rushing into it for the wrong reasons,” says Dampier.

Prince Harry and Prince William feud
Harry (right) and Meghan’s tell-all book has reportedly worsened the feud between the royal brothers. (Credit: Getty)

“William dated Kate for eight years and briefly split up with her, so he wanted to make sure Harry was being equally cautious.

“William was also reminding Harry what their own mother had said; Diana had admitted she and Charles were unsuited and married without knowing each other.

“William was trying to make sure Harry wasn’t making the same mistake.”

The book also explores the persistent theory that Meghan was never accepted as a royal by Wills, his wife Duchess Catherine – or even by the broader public.

“I find it hard to believe William was snobbish or looked down his nose at Meghan,” Dampier says.

“As for racism, the whole country welcomed Meghan with open arms and wanted her to succeed.”

Now, it’s feared that the book’s claims will rub salt into the already wounded relationship between Harry and William.

Dampier explains that the current state of the princes’ relationship is “stilted and difficult” – and having their feuds rehashed in the public domain won’t help.

Prince Harry and Prince William feud
Dampier explains that the current state of the princes’ relationship is “stilted and difficult”. (Credit: Getty)

Veteran royal commentator Andrew Morton recently noted that it’s common knowledge that the once tight-knit brothers have opted to now go their “separate ways”.

“It’s just a very sad situation,” added Morton.

However, Dampier believes the Cambridges’ reputation will remain unscathed regardless of the book’s claims, with the royal watcher observing that the tide had already turned against Harry and Meghan in light of their decision to uproot and move to the US in the midst of a global pandemic.

“Most people here think [Harry and Meghan] have let the Queen and the royal family down, and it will be very difficult for them to return,” Dampier observes.

“Meghan has a track record of dumping people – her first husband, her father and now the royal family.

“I just hope for Harry’s sake that he isn’t added to the list in a couple of years.”

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