Prince William just revealed a surprising fact about Princess Charlotte

She clearly takes after her mum!

Princess Charlotte might only be three-years-old, but by all reports, she’s a girl who knows what she wants.

According to her father, Prince William, the tiny tot is not only sassy, shes also a budding fashionista.

The royal noted during a trip to Liverpool’s Leather Satchel Company that Princess Charlotte would be obsessed with the gift bestowed upon her by designers Keith and Gail Hanshaw – a mini satchel with her name engraved on it.

“Charlotte will be obsessed with that,” he said. “I’ll never be able to get it off her.”

According to Keith, William also revealed that Charlottes favourite colour is pink – which should probably come as a relief considering her new tote is just that.

Princess Charlotte
(Credit: Getty)

“(William) seemed really genuinely pleased with the bags and loves the quality of them,” he said, according to Liverpool Echo. “He said he’d probably never get the bag off Charlotte because she loves pink and we kind of knew that as well.”

The designers also revealed totes for Prince George (black and red) and Prince Louis (tan and brown).

Only time will tell if the namesake satchels will make a public appearance, but we can confirm that all the royals will be in attendance at the christening of Prince Louis on July 9.

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