US Report: Harry storms out on Meghan

The honeymoon is OVER!

A shocking report from The National Enquirer has today claimed that Meghan Markle’s fairytale to Prince Harry has hit the rocks following a blistering fight – just 23 days after their spectacular wedding. 

According to the bombshell report, the Duke of Sussex stormed out of the couple’s Kensington Palace home, Nottingham Cottage, and dramatically ripped off his wedding band.

‘Harry and Meghan hadn’t even had time to unpack from their honeymoon when tempers exploded,’ a royal insider told the Enquirer. 

‘They’re putting on a loved-up display of affection in public to please Harry’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth.

‘But behind palace doors, cracks in their union are being blown wide open as Meghan faces the reality of royal life.’ 

meghan and harry
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The newlyweds – who reportedly just announced to friends they were having twins – have vowed to not let Meghan’s pregnancy impact their royal responsibilities, the Enquirer claims. 

According to a palace insider, it was the couple’s busy schedule that led the couple to come to blows.


‘Instead of trying to work through their disagreement, the hardheaded pair started bickering – big time,’ the insider spills.

‘They’ve both very strong willed, and things escalated to the point where Meghan was in tears and Harry walked out.’ 

According to the bombshell report, Meghan ran to nearby Prince William and Kate Middleton for advice.

‘Meghan poured her heart out to her new sister-in-law,’ the insider added. ‘Kate is very much aware of the pressures Meghan has faced since joining the family.

‘Kate urged Meghan to not let a silly fight tear her and Harry apart.

‘Kate told Meghan, ‘You are the love of Harry’s life and will be the mother of his children.’ 

The royal family is yet to respond to The National Enquirer’s report. 

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