Prince George and Princess Charlotte school in coronavirus scare

Four pupils at Thomas’s Battersea have been isolated.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte‘s school Thomas’s Battersea has been hit by coronavirus fears.

WATCH: Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s school in coronavirus scare

Four pupils who attend the school have reportedly been isolated amid fears they have caught the COVID-19 virus.

The children had reportedly developed flu-like symptoms after they returned from a skiing trip in Italy where incidents of the virus have risen dramatically in the past few days. 

Cases across Italy have reached 378, among them five children aged between four and 15. The death toll from the virus hit 12 on Tuesday.

charlotte george
Charlotte and George both attend Thomas’s Battersea (Credit: Getty)

A spokesperson for Thomas’s Battersea has reportedly said:

“Like all schools, we are taking very seriously the potential risks related to the spread of COVID-19 and to this end we are following the government’s instructions to the letter on infection prevention and case management in which it is suspected that some staff member or students exposed to the virus or showing any symptoms.

“We currently have a very small number of students who have been evaluated and these individuals currently, according to the government Council, remain in their homes waiting to receive the results of their exams.

“All parents have been informed and we have maintained regular communication with our school community to ensure that councils are shared and important information circulated. Of course, we will preserve the confidentiality of staff and students, and we will not comment on specific cases.”

george charlotte
Pupils at George and Charlotte’s school have been placed in isolation. (Credit: Getty)

Prince George and Princess Charlotte enjoyed a special treat last week, as the Cambridge kids were taken to the countryside during their school holidays. 

Doting dad Prince William made sure he immersed his children in some country pursuits in their week off.

William, 37, opened up about George, 6, and Charlotte, 4, school holiday plans, revealing they’d helped out on a local farm close to the country home, Anmer Hall, in Norfolk. 

Speaking to an elementary school teacher Rhian Roberts — whose family runs a dairy farm — over the weekend, William said they helped deliver newborn lambs during their time off from school.

“We’ve been lambing with the children this week,” William said, according to wire service PA Media.

“Charlotte wasn’t sure at first, but George was straight in there. Louis loves the tractors.”

“They love seeing the lambs and feeding the lambs,” he said before praising Roberts, “Dairy farming — you are all seriously tough!”

The Cambridges were down on the farm last week. (Credit: Instagram)

The Duke of Cambridge spoke with Roberts before he attended the Wales vs. France rugby match in Cardiff on Saturday.

And although Will didn’t specify, they were likely taking part in lambing on farms around Queen Elizabeth’s Sandringham estate, where Anmer Hall is based.

“We were talking about the land where he was and the land where we are, which is a mining area,” Roberts told reporters.

“He said they’ve been lambing this week up in Norfolk. They want the children to see the country way of life as well as the city way of life.”

The family that play together, stay together. (Credit: Getty)

Kate Middleton also recently confessed she’s a country girl at heart. 

Speaking on the Happy Mum, Happy Baby podcast recently she said that she’s happiest when “I’m with my family outside in the countryside, and we’re all filthy dirty.”

“Someone did ask me the other day, what would you want your children to remember about their childhood?” the mum of three, 38, told host Giovanna Fletcher.

“And I thought that was a really good question, because actually if you really think about that, is it that I’m sitting down trying to do their maths and spelling homework over the weekend? Or is it the fact that we’ve gone out and lit a bonfire and sat around trying to cook sausages that hasn’t worked because it’s too wet?”

She added, “That’s what I would want them to remember, those moments with me as a mother, but also the family going to the beach, getting soaking wet, filling our boots full of water, those are what I would want them to remember. Not a stressful household where you’re trying to do everything and not really succeeding at one thing.”

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