Crown Prince Christian’s changing role in the Danish Royal family

More royal duties are expected to be given to Denmark's new heir.
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It’s just a few months since the now Crown Prince Christian of Denmark celebrated his milestone 18th birthday.

But while the teen expected to have a few carefree years ahead of him before beginning life as a full-time royal, that is no longer the case following the abdication of his grandmother, Queen Margrethe, on New Year’s Eve.

WATCH: Crown Prince Christian’s 18th birthday ball. Article continues below.

Indeed, now that Christian is first in line after his dad, King Frederik, 55, more royal duties will be landing on his young shoulders.

“Christian was already starting to feel the pressure of having all eyes on him,” a source tells New Idea exclusively.

“But now that’s going to intensify.” As previously reported by New Idea, Margrethe’s seemingly hasty abdication surprised the newly proclaimed King Frederik and Queen Mary – but it totally blindsided their eldest son.

Prince Christian with Princess Mary
Prince Christian has confided his fears in mum Princess Mary.

Abdication was a dirty word just a few short months ago,” our source says.

“Now it’s happened, it’s a total whirlwind for the family as they to adjust to the new regime.”

That’s especially the case for Christian.

“He’s told his mother that he feels a bit cheated out of a year or two of downtime,” our insider explains.

Prince Christian
Christian celebrated his 18th birthday last October.

Christian has also confided in Mary, 51, that he’s feeling a tad “nervous” about his new status.

It’s a confession that has his mum concerned“Privately, Mary’s worried that this has all happened so quickly,” our source says.

“It seems like only yesterday she was showing Christian how to use a knife and fork and now he’s a one step away from the throne!”

Prince Christian
The young prince was spotted in St Tropez with friends last year.

It’s thought Christian hopes to attend university after he graduates from high school in May. But now, if he wants to continue his studies, as Crown Prince he’s going to have to “accommodate the needs of the palace too”, our insider explains.

Despite the concerns, and fears, Mary will fight tooth and nail to ensure Christian continues to enjoy his youth. 

“He’s got an Aussie mum – she won’t let him struggle,” our source confirms.

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